• Unpackin’ It: Interview with Bobby Bowden

    Sport • FootballSportUnpackin' It

    BRYCE JOHNSON: What area of your faith has grown the most as you’ve gotten older and stepped away from football?
    Bobby Bowden:  The older I have gotten, it seems the more faith I have. It hasn’t diminished. The faith I had as a child has grown and grown and grown. I have faith in God and my Savior is Christ. I’m a Christian…

  • Athlete Blog: We Are What We Do?

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    Playing professional soccer for Major League Soccer (MLS) at the highest level in America over the past eight years has, without question, been a huge accomplishment of mine. Little did I know growing up that, one day, I would be living my dream as a professional soccer player!

    While it would be easy for me to list all of my soccer achievements, these accomplishments do not define me. Others will be drafted higher than I, trophies will fade, records will be broken, and our championship teams will long be forgotten…

  • From the Archives: Aiming to Please

    Sport • FootballFrom The ArchivesSport

    After a long, hot day of practice at the University of Florida, Steve Spurrier is the first one off the field. He has made it his custom to lead the way into the press barrage. Spurrier steps to the sidelines and is assaulted with television cameras and tape recorders.

    “Nothin’ too exciting happened today, nothin’ too disappointing happened,” he reported one afternoon early in the season, “just another day out in the sunshine. What else y’all wanna know?”

  • Devotional of the Week: Directionally Challenged

    Devotion of the WeekSport • MLB BaseballSport

    Moe Drabowsky was born in Poland in 1935. In 1956, he broke into the majors as a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Over the next 10 years with four different teams, his record was a paltry 48-81. Three times his teams finished last. It seemed as if his career was going no- where, a dead end, with the then hapless Kansas City Athletics…

  • Video of the Week: Life to the Full

    Video of the Week

  • Airing It Out: Life lived out

    Airing it OutSport • BasketballSport

    Imagine if we were encouraged every day. Or taken care of every day. Or loved, celebrated, or even supported in our endeavors— every day. Imagine. How would that make you

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  • Devotional of the Week: A Reason to Worship

    Devotion of the Week

    In Game 7 of the 2001 World Series, Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera was brought in to preserve the lead against the Arizona Diamondbacks. In the ninth inning, his errant throw opened the gates to a 2-run rally. The Yankees lost the game and the World Series…

  • Video of the Week: CBN Sports Goes Behind The 2014 World Series

    Devotion of the Week

    CBN Sports is in Kansas City as two Wild Card teams are now facing each other in the 2014 World Series. Meet members of the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants who believe faith is bigger than baseball…

  • Another Angle: Whisper of truth

    Another AngleSport • FootballSport

    I tried to enter complete solitude. It was a Saturday morning, and I had just finished a cup of coffee—my third, I think. I walked out of my favorite coffee

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