NCAA Closeup — Gordon Hayward

Sitting in a parent seminar on the eve of the NBA draft, Gordon Scott Hayward couldn’t help but look around. He didn’t belong in the conference room at the Westin Times Square. And he knew it. Gordon Scott, the father of No. 9 Utah Jazz pick Gordon Daniel Hayward, was clearly the shortest father in the room, as he and his wife, Jody, stand a mere 5-foot-10. It was obvious where the other draftees’ height had come from: their parents. Not so with their 6-foot-8 son, however. His height came from someone else. “I tell people, ‘If you don’t believe in God, and you look at Gordon’s story, and still don’t believe in God, then you aren’t paying attention,’” Gordon Scott says. In high school, Gordon Daniel went to bed every night praying that he would be 6-foot-4, his doctor’s maximum height prediction. His driver’s license, in fact, still says 6-2, 140 Read More

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