SPORTS YAPP: Week One Power Rankings

SPORTS YAPP: Week One Power Rankings

Here are my thoughts and Power Rankings following Week One in the NFL…

1. Green Bay Packers- I feel even more confident about them repeating as Super Bowl champs.

2. Baltimore Ravens- They showed they could absolutely dominate their biggest rival. They are in for a big season.

3. New England Patriots- Tom Brady showed how amazing he still is, if people may have forgotten.

4. New York Jets- They pulled out a crazy win over Dallas, but that’s what they do. They WIN!

5. Philadelphia Eagles- I thought they might have slipped in Week 1 because of all the hype, but they are going to be an elite team all year.

6. New Orleans Saints- Had a chance to win against Green Bay. Their defense needs to improve, but the offense will allow them to win a ton of games.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers- That was an embarrassing way to start the season, but they will figure it out and still be a top team.

8. San Diego Chargers- They will be a solid regular season team. Can they get in the playoffs and get over the hump once they are there?…That’s the question for the Chargers.

9. Chicago Bears- A very impressive win over the Falcons. Any doubts about Jay Cutler can be eliminated for one week.

10. Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo will get the negative attention, but the blocked punt was unacceptable. The Cowboys are still the second best team in the NFC East.

11. Atlanta Falcons- It will take them a couple of games to get everyone on the same page. Once that happens, look out for a high-powered offense to impress.

12. Houston Texans- They got a nice warm-up game against the Colts, but this is the Texans year.  Andre Johnson is so dominant and the defense is very dangerous.

13. Detroit Lions- They lived up to the hype for Week 1. I believe it will continue, but Matt Stafford has to stop limping off the field and scaring his fans!

14. Washington Redskins- SHOCKER OF THE WEEK! Wow…Rex Grossman and the Skins moved the ball and got the win.  Did anyone expect that?

15. St. Louis Rams- Injuries piled up in Week 1 for the Rams. We saw glimpses of how good they can be, but if you can’t stay healthy it’s hard to keep the momentum going.

16. Buffalo Bills- Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to surprise and impress. I want to see the Bills do it again before I get too excited, but the offense was dominant against the Chiefs.

17. Arizona Cardinals- The defense struggled, but Kevin Kolb showed why the Cardinals wanted him. They will struggle at times this year, but they will win a handful of games.

18. Oakland Raiders- Their special team stars stole the show, but always good to beat your rival in Week 1 and set the tone for the season.

19. Minnesota Vikings- Donovan McNabb was pretty weak with only 39 passing yards, but the team hung in there against the Chargers. The jury is still out on the new-look Vikings.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- This is a team I really believe will take a step back this year, and that was confirmed on Sunday against the Lions. Their running game must get going if they want to do anything this year.

21. Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton was the star of the day. He put on a huge performance and he did something he doesn’t normally do…lose!  Panthers need to improve their offensive and defensive lines if they want to win games, though.

22. Miami Dolphins- The offense put up some good numbers, but they couldn’t match Brady and the Patriots.

23. New York Giants- I don’t know if the Giants should panic yet, but it wasn’t a good way to start the season. I don’t see how they can make the playoffs, either.

24. Cincinnati Bengals- They know they have a star in the making with rookie wide receiver A.J. Green, but it’s going to be a long season.

25. Kansas City Chiefs- They are a mess. I don’t expect them to repeat what they did last year. The Bills embarrassed them, and I’m not sure if they have what it takes to really respond from that.

26. Cleveland Browns- Colt McCoy continues to show glimpses and reasons for being a starting NFL QB, but they needed to beat the Bengals. I’m sure that was a tough loss to swallow.

27. Denver Broncos- Until they start Tim Tebow, they will struggle. I may be in the minority, but Tebow gives them the best chance to win. However, John Fox is too stubborn, and this season could get ugly fast.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars- They lucked out in Week 1 with a nice performance from Luke McCown. They need to beat a good team before we know what the Jaguars are capable of this year.

29. San Francisco 49ers- Special teams stole the show for them and it was nice to see Jim Harbaugh beat Pete Carroll in what should be a nice rivalry with the Seahawks.

30. Tennessee Titans- If Chris Johnson isn’t carrying them on offense, they can’t expect to win.

31. Indianapolis Colts- Why would Kerry Collins come out of retirement for this? The Colts should play for the No. 1 pick in the draft because without Peyton Manning…there is no hope for success.

32. Seattle Seahawks- Their only chance to win games is if they are running the ball well. That didn’t happen against the 49ers, so they lost.

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