SPORTS YAPP: Week 2 Power Rankings

    1. Green Bay Packers- The Panthers gave them a “scare,” but the Packers turned it on when they had to. I don’t plan on moving them from the top spot all year long.

    2. New York Jets- They kept things rolling against Jacksonville. It’s hard to say too much about the Jets based on how they dominated the weak Jaguars.

    3. New England Patriots- Tight ends were the story of the game against the Chargers. New England got tons of production from two guys, and San Diego couldn’t get their biggest stud, Antonio Gates, going. I still haven’t given up on Chad Ochocinco just yet.

    4. New Orleans Saints- They needed a good bounce-back win against the Bears. Drew Brees doesn’t need a marquee wide receiver to score touchdowns. He still throws it all over the field.

    5. Pittsburgh Steelers- Let’s not get too excited after the win over the Seahawks, but they’re still the Steelers, and we know they will be tough.

    6. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan responded very nicely with four touchdowns. The Falcons HAD to beat the Eagles, and they did. Get ready for a big year from the Falcons.

    7. Philadelphia Eagles- Atlanta got many hits on Michael Vick and eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and injured his neck. Vick makes the Eagles go and any time he’s not in the game lowers their chances of success.

    8. San Diego Chargers- Their offense is playing great. Two good running backs and Vincent Jackson (WR) had a monster game against the Patriots. Their defense needs to improve, though.

    9. Baltimore Ravens- I bumped them all the way up to No. 2 last week, but they must fall after that embarrassing loss to the Titans. That’s what makes the NFL so great. Unpredictability!

    10. Houston Texans- The door is wide open for them to win the AFC South with the Colts struggling. The Texans defense is keeping up so far and that’s the difference maker.

    11. Detroit Lions- So far, so good for everybody’s favorite underdog. They have one of the best offenses in the league right now.

    12. Chicago Bears- They will be very inconsistent this year, and they will be hard to figure out. Matt Forte is their whole offense right now, and they need to find better ways to stay balanced.

    13. Buffalo Bills- One of the most exciting finishes of the weekend had Ryan Fitzpatrick marching the Bills down the field for a winning touchdown against the Raiders. The Bills might be an early season surprise, but I’m not sure how long  it will last

    14. Washington Redskins- Their offense is balanced and, dare I say, dangerous? I won’t go that far, but I’m impressed with both running backs and Rex Grossman.

    15. Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo redeemed himself by putting together an amazing comeback while playing with a punctured lung.  Maybe people will cut him a break for a little while.

    16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I’m still not a big believer in the Bucs this year, but I will give them credit for a great comeback win against the Vikings.

    17. New York Giants- They improved from Week 1, but they still don’t seem like a very dangerous team. Defensively they gave a lot of trouble to the Rams, so that’s positive.

    18. St. Louis Rams- We can’t judge them too much until they get healthy on offense. Having Steven Jackson out there and running the ball well is crucial to their success. I still have them ranked high because I believe in them when they’re healthy.

    19. Arizona Cardinals- Larry Fitzgerald got more involved this week, which is obviously a good thing, but they needed to beat the Redskins. Their division is up in the air, but the Cardinals need to win the close games.

    20. Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton is the real deal. I’m on the bandwagon and I don’t see myself ever jumping off. He’s impressive…period. Oh yeah…he’s also a rookie. The Panthers aren’t one of the better teams, but they are a team that will hang in there with the best teams all season long. They gave the Packers some trouble, which was very surprising. However, teams won’t underestimate the Panthers anymore.

    21. Tennessee Titans- SHOCKER OF THE WEEK! I’m not sure how they beat the Baltimore Ravens, but they deserve to move up the power rankings after that performance. Chris Johnson hasn’t gotten back to a high level yet, and I wonder if he ever will this season.

    22. Oakland Raiders- They have some good things going for them, including the play of rookie wide receiver Denarius Moore, but they lost a heartbreaker to the Bills.

    23. San Francisco 49ers- They look better and Alex Smith is playing okay, but you have to keep the lead and not let an injured quarterback come in and beat you.

    24. Cincinnati Bengals- They won’t win a ton of games this year, but Andy Dalton has already made everyone forget about Carson Palmer. Dalton has a bright future ahead of him.

    25. Cleveland Browns- It was good to see them pull out the win and see Peyton Hillis pick up where he left off last year. I was afraid he might be a “one hit wonder,” but he got back on track against the Colts.

    26. Denver Broncos- Tim Tebow played wide receiver this week, so that should show us that things are crazy in Denver right now. However, they did get the win against the Bengals, and I guess that should count for something. They are one of the more intriguing teams to follow this season even if they aren’t really good.

    27. Jacksonville Jaguars- They didn’t play as well as they did in Week 1 and the Jets had their way with them on Sunday. The Jags have some good players, but do they have enough?

    28. Miami Dolphins- They are another team that will be very inconsistent this year. Chad Henne will look like a starter some weeks and then look terrible the following week.

    29. Minnesota Vikings- Donovan McNabb doesn’t appear to be the answer in Minnesota. Adrian Peterson continues to do whatever he can, but he needs help.

    30. Kansas City Chiefs- Last week I called them a “mess,” and it seems pretty fitting to use the same word this week. Losing Jamaal Charles for the season will be hard to recover from.

    31. Indianapolis Colts- We can learn a few great lessons from the Colts so far: First, Peyton Manning is even more valuable than we thought. Secondly, don’t beg a player to come out of retirement…it’s just not worth it.

    32. Seattle Seahawks- Will they win a game this year? How long will Tarvaris Jackson remain the starting quarterback? Only questions in Seattle.

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