SPORTS YAPP: Week 3 Power Rankings

    1. Green Bay Packers- I continue to count on them, and they continue to deliver. There might be a different star each week (Finley this week), but as long as Aaron Rodgers is back there…they are the team to beat.

    2. Detroit Lions- Even when they struggle early, they find a way to win. They can score quick and often when they have to. I know they have more wins than some teams I have ranked higher, and that’s because I’m being cautiously optimistic.

    3. Buffalo Bills- They can now be taken seriously after beating the Patriots.  They are a really fun team to watch and cheer for. Their team really seems to be on the same page. I loved seeing the Bills pull this out after another great comeback. How can you not like this team?

    4. Oakland Raiders- It was really big that they beat the Jets, and they are quietly having a nice start to the season. They could end up winning their division if the Chargers slip up at all. It’s time I give them some respect in the rankings.

    5. New Orleans Saints- The offense has so many weapons, and it was good to see Mark Ingram score his first touchdown. He’s a humble running back that will continue to get better as the season goes on. Drew Brees is making a case for the early season MVP too.

    6. New York Jets- I have to move them down the rankings after their loss to the Raiders, but there is no need to panic. They have a really good team, but it’s tough for teams to travel from coast to coast. Also, I disagree with Joe Namath’s criticism that the Jets’ players think they are better than they are. They are confident and believe they will win the Super Bowl, which I have no problem with. It’s one loss, so pump the breaks there Joe!

    7. New England Patriots- Tom Brady threw four interceptions which is very surprising, but they lost to the Bills and I choose to give the credit to Buffalo.

    8. Baltimore Ravens- I love that the Ravens came out really strong after their terrible loss to the Titans the week before. The Ravens are a really good team and have a chance for a magical run this year.

    9. San Diego Chargers-They played down to their weaker opponent, the Chiefs, on Sunday and had a tough time pulling away. They got the win, even if it wasn’t pretty.

    10. Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo continues to earn respect from his critics. He played well enough again while playing with backup players because of all the team’s injuries. Rob Ryan also deserves plenty of credit for the way the defense is playing.

    11. Houston Texans- They need Arian Foster back healthy to win against the best teams. They had a chance against the Saints, which says a lot, but you have to win some big games like that to take the next step toward being top tier teams.

    12. Pittsburgh Steelers- They don’t look hungry and fresh enough to me. It’s fair to question if their older age at certain positions is catching up to them. They are still good, but not elite.

    13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Their defense did an excellent job against the Falcons. They held onto the lead and pulled out a tough win against a divisional opponent.

    14. Chicago Bears- The Packers are too good. The Bears have some good things going for them, but it seems like something isn’t clicking completely. They still need a go-to receiver and a better offensive line. Their trick on the punt return that was called back was awesome! Make sure you see that video.

    15. Atlanta Falcons- It’s not terrible to lose to the Bucs, but Atlanta has done a poor job protecting Matt Ryan this season, and the running game struggled big time on Sunday. I’m not giving up on Atlanta, but they have to improve quickly in a tough NFC South.

    16. Philadelphia Eagles- Michael Vick is going to get hit, and the Eagles need him out there. What is the solution? They have to run the ball more with their talented running backs.

    17. Washington Redskins- They needed to beat the banged up Cowboys on Monday night. They are still surprising people with how well they are playing, but they need to beat their rival.

    18. New York Giants- They are a team that is tough to figure out. They got an impressive win against the Eagles and that should count for something, but can they really stay consistent?

    19. San Francisco 49ers- Jim Harbaugh is adjusting nicely to the NFL so far. He’s getting as much out of his team as he can. They may not be a playoff team, but they are impressive so far.

    20. Cleveland Browns- The Browns did it again. I’m anxious to see how they play against the tougher opponents in their division, but right now they are playing well. They won without their best offensive player (Peyton Hillis), so that is impressive.

    21. St. Louis Rams- I’ll say it again. Wait until they get healthy, and then we can judge this team.  They are terrible right now, but they will get going in the middle of the season and fight for a playoff spot.

    22. Arizona Cardinals- They really needed Beanie Wells to keep the offense balanced, but I still don’t know how they lost to Seattle.

    23. Carolina Panthers- It was a nasty, rainy game with the Panthers doing a little bit more than the Jaguars to get the win. Running back Jonathan Stewart is a name to get used to hearing for the rest of the year.

    24. Tennessee Titans- With Kenny Britt going on injured reserve, it’s going to be a really tough season. Chris Johnson continues to struggle, but they were able to pull out another win. I don’t think things are looking up for the team moving forward, but they have won two in a row so they might want to enjoy it while they can.

    25. Cincinnati Bengals- Andy Dalton took a step back this week, but no need to worry because he’s only a rookie and he will have off-games.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars- They lost the battle of rookie quarterbacks to the Panthers, but at least Maurice Jones-Drew is the bright spot for the team this year.

    27. Denver Broncos- When will it be TEBOW TIME!? Too soon?

    28. Miami Dolphins- They are the mess of the week. It’s going to be an interesting season down in Miami, and it’s intriguing to see what changes end up taking place.

    29. Minnesota Vikings- It’s hard to jump to dramatic conclusions after three weeks, but the Vikings are the worst team in the NFC North, and the Lions and Packers aren’t going anywhere.  They could possibly end up better than the Bears, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

    30. Kansas City Chiefs- They finally showed up and played better against the Chargers, but they have too many holes to win games.

    31. Indianapolis Colts- The Colts showed glimpses of being a decent team against the Steelers, but they are in so much trouble without Peyton Manning at quarterback. I have to admit, I’m glad the Colts are struggling because it shows just how valuable Manning really is.

    32. Seattle Seahawks- I asked last week if they would ever win a game, and they proved me wrong by beating the Cardinals. However, I still think they are the worst team in the league for now.

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