Sports Spectrum Staff Picks (Week 2)

Well, unfortunately for our readers that competed with us, we look like geniuses after this week. We had three people (Brett, Bryce and Ryan) go 14-2 this week. Let’s compare that to ESPN. In their eight-person panel, Mike Golic was the only one to go 14-2. We may be a small, Christian sports magazine, but we apparently know our stuff. There’s also a drawback, however. Steve fell considerably this week and went an abysmal 10-6. Going back to ESPN’s eight-person panel, everyone had at least 12 wins or more. Perhaps Steve exists for one purpose: to make other people feel smart… Continue reading

In the News: Matt Hasselbeck

Tennessee Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck passed for 358 yards and led the Titans to a 26-13 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Hasselbeck was featured in our 2007 Power to Win DVD and on the cover of our January-February 2007 issue and our January-February 2004 issue.

It was in the poverty-torn country of Jamaica that Matt Hasselbeck began his unexpected journey to the NFL, to the Pro Bowl and to the Super Bowl. As a sophomore at Boston College, Hasselbeck worked in a home for elderly lepers on a mission trip to Jamaica. There he met George McVee, a man disfigured by leprosy. McVee would recite scripture in between hymns during times of song and worship. “Then he’d say, ‘Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus,’” Hasselbeck recalls. “I’m saying to myself these people should be so angry…” Continue reading

NCAA Football – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title (Week 2)

The college football season is just underway, yet we have already seen some instant classics. In the first week, Baylor and TCU had a 50-48 shootout. Last week, Georgia and South Carolina combined for 39 points in the 4th quarter with a 45-42 final. The nightcap between Notre Dame and Michigan saw a combined 35 points in the fourth quarter, and 28 of those belonged to the Michigan Wolverines. This Saturday has some compelling matchups. Ohio State plays Miami, Tennessee plays Florida in the Swamp, and the big game belongs to No. 1 Oklahoma vs. No. 5 Florida State. But enough chatter, let’s get to ranking the contenders to the BCS title… Continue reading

SPORTS YAPP: Week One Recap and Week Two Fantasy Predictions

Week One Recap:

Most impressive performance: Tom Brady was clearly the most dominant fantasy performer in Week 1, but I was also really impressed with Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bills. Fitzpatrick threw four touchdowns against the Chiefs.

Convinced strong performance will continue: LeSean McCoy (Eagles) rushed for 122 yards and a touchdown, along with a receiving touchdown… Continue reading

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