SPORTS YAPP: Ten NFL Thoughts to YAPP About on Monday

    1. The NFL does a great job bringing awareness to breast cancer. For a league that is so concerned about the uniform code, they allow great pink integration. But in all seriousness, we all know someone that has been affected, and it’s important to continue to fight against it.

    2. When I heard the news that Tim Tebow was coming in to save the day, I got excited. He put together a nice comeback and provided Broncos fans with hope. Even though they came a bit short, Tebow got me off my couch and on my feet in anticipation of an epic finish. I truly believe that Sunday was the start to something special in Denver. Move over, Kyle Orton. It’s Tebow Time!

    3. It’s been crazy to me how many matchups this early in the season have had players going up against their former teams: players like John Kasay, Jeremy Shockey, Michael Vick, Richard Seymour, Roy Williams and Justin Smith. Then we also saw former teammates Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb go up against each other, too, on Sunday.

    4. It’s easy for me to say this from the comfort of my own couch, but I see too many wide receivers go down right after a catch, instead of trying to stay up and gain a few extra yards. The most impressive wide receivers, to me, are the ones that fight for the tough yards instead of going to the ground or stepping out of bounds. Calvin Johnson always falls to the ground, but he falls into the end zone…and that’s a different story.

    5. I watched an Aaron Rodgers interview with Michael Irvin on the NFL Network, and I’m constantly amazed with the way Rodgers handles himself and deals with the constant Brett Favre cloud that hangs over his head. Favre needs to sit back and keep quiet because it’s all about Rodgers now. No need to keep Favre in the conversation at this point. Also, I hope you saw the Aaron Rodgers commercial for State Farm…it’s hilarious.

    6. I enjoy a good end zone celebration, but I’m getting tired of the ones that are self promoting and obnoxious. I’m not anti-celebration, but enough of the dancing and chest pounding, please. Also, can we please stop the celebrating for routine plays like a five-yard run or a seven-yard catch?

    7. I was really glad to see the Raiders win against Houston in honor of their owner Al Davis who passed away this weekend. It was also good to see somewhat recent Oakland draft picks Michael Huff and Darrius Heyward-Bey make key plays in the game as well.

    8. TV Networks should stop going to commercial breaks after touchdowns and again right after the kickoff. Kickoffs are worthless now because they always result in a touchback. There is too much commercial time between action, and it frustrates me. It’s not like I’m going to turn the channel and start watching a TV movie, but hey, I could probably fit one in.

    9. It’s officially time to start panicking if you are the Philadelphia Eagles. They appear to be a mess, and it’s hard to believe that everything is going to be fixed overnight. I still think they can make the playoffs, but they will have to string a ton of wins together in a row. We know they have the talent to do it, but they can’t brush off the losses anymore. They have to make some serious adjustments moving forward.

    10. Will the Green Bay Packers ever lose a game? I don’t see any weaknesses.  They know what it takes to win, and they seem just as hungry as they were last year. I really thought Atlanta had a great chance to knock them off on Sunday Night Football, but the Packers are just too good. Atlanta, like the Eagles, is in a really bad spot at this point in the season. They have so much talent and they have yet to truly click.

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