SPORTS YAPP: Podcast No. 4 And Ten Things We’re Yappin’ About

SPORTS YAPP: Podcast No. 4 And Ten Things We’re Yappin’ About


1. Tim Tebow and the Broncos had a terrible game, but it doesn’t mean he should be benched already. He moves to 1-1 on the season, and he needs to improve. But the Lions have a really tough defense, and they dominated. Give Tebow time. The Broncos also need to understand the lack of weapons that he has to work with, and yes, I’m a Tebow apologist.

2. The Baltimore Ravens are the worst great team right now. They lost to the Jaguars on Monday Night football and then struggled all day against the Cardinals to barely escape with the win. I think they are really great when they want to be, but they fall asleep too often.

3. The Steelers are lighting it up right now and are no longer “under the radar” after beating the Patriots. New England’s defense has some serious issues, but the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger look amazing.

4. The Eagles showed a national audience that their issues are figured out. I know it’s just one game, but that was a big game against a rival. The Eagles not only won, but they dominated. Vick looked like he did last year, and LeSean McCoy looked like the best running back in the league last night.

5. What team will we still be talking about at the end of the season…the Bengals or the 49ers? I like what the Bengals are doing, but I think it’s tough to expect rookies to play this great all season long. The Bengals would have to be better than the Ravens and Steelers to win the division, and I don’t see that happening. However, the 49ers are so far ahead of the rest of their division that they can coast the rest of the season. I don’t expect the Cardinals or the Seahawks to catch them anytime soon.

6. The St. Louis Rams pulled the upset of the day by beating the Saints. It was convenient that it happened the same weekend that the Cardinals won the World Series. I have to admit that I believe the Rams will make a nice run this year and win a lot more games.  With Steven Jackson running the way he did yesterday, they can surprise some more teams along the way.

7. The Colts are the most consistent team in the league. We can count on them to lose every week.

8. Cam Newton had another amazing performance for the Panthers by throwing three touchdowns. However, their kicker, Olindo Mare let everyone down after he missed a game-tying field goal opportunity. The Panthers are close every week and that’s positive, but it’s hard when you lose a game you should win against the Vikings.

9. The Giants are 5-2?! I’m not counting on them to keep that pace up. They had a rough time against the Dolphins yesterday.

10. The Bills are here to stay and one of the more fun teams to watch. The Redskins are done and missing too many playmakers to move the ball.

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