SPORTS YAPP: Week 9 Power Rankings

SPORTS YAPP: Week 9 Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers- If they want to go undefeated, they will.

2. Baltimore Ravens- Joe Flacco and the Ravens got a much-needed confidence boost by completing their sweep against the Steelers.

3. San Francisco 49ers- We may not know the names of the players that score their touchdowns, but the 49ers keep winning.

4. New York Jets- They were humbled with their slow start to the season. But they appear to have things back on track.

5. New York Giants- They don’t always look pretty when they win, but that’s all they seem to do.

6. Detroit Lions- I’m curious to see how their running game looks the rest of the year. Will Jahvid Best get back on the field?

7. Pittsburgh Steelers- The regular season is always important, but the playoffs are more important. That’s when we will find out what the Steelers are all about.

8. New Orleans Saints- The Saints got their bad game of the year out of the way last week against St. Louis and responded very nicely on Sunday against the Bucs.

9. Cincinnati Bengals- It’s great to win games, and that’s what the Bengals do, even if they haven’t beaten any good teams yet.

10. Chicago Bears- Jay Cutler actually had time to throw the ball and took advantage of that against the Eagles. It was surprising that Matt Forte fumbled the ball twice, but he’s had an amazing year, and I expect him to respond next week with a great game.

11. Buffalo Bills- They didn’t show up against the Jets. There is no need to panic, but it was a poor performance on Sunday. They lucked out because the Patriots lost, with all three of these teams fighting for the AFC East title.

12. New England Patriots- It was surprisingly a low-scoring game for most of the day against the Giants. The Patriots are good, but they aren’t great anymore.

13. Atlanta Falcons- With Julio Jones healthy again, the Falcons’ offense dominated a bad Colts team. I still think the Falcons are a team on the rise.

14. Houston Texans- They had their way with the Browns. It’s remarkable what the Texans have been able to do without Andre Johnson on the field. Just wait until he gets back.

15. Dallas Cowboys- They are another team that I think is good, but not great. However, DeMarco Murray has been a great running back since becoming the starter.

16. Philadelphia Eagles- So much talent and such little success. On a bright note, LeSean McCoy is having a tremendous year. His ability to “juke out” defenders is so fun to watch.

17. San Diego Chargers- They put together a great comeback against the Packers, but we all know that Green Bay is just too good. Phillip Rivers really got going in the second half and finished the game with four passing touchdowns.

18. Oakland Raiders- I liked the decision by the Raiders to bring in Carson Palmer, and I thought he played really well. He will have to cut down on the interceptions though if they want to win games.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- They need all their weapons fully healthy before they can start winning consistently.

20. Kansas City Chiefs- It looked like they were still celebrating their win over the Chargers on Monday Night Football and forgot to take the Dolphins seriously. That was a big letdown game.

21. Denver Broncos- Tim Tebow looked much better against the Raiders. The Broncos running game was dominant, and Tebow didn’t throw an interception. They still have a chance to win the division with the three other teams all losing on Sunday.

22. Tennessee Titans- They are a mediocre/bad team but one of the toughest teams to beat every week.

23. Carolina Panthers- How many more rookie records will Cam Newton break this year?

24. Jacksonville Jaguars- A bye week has to be a good thing for the Jaguars.

25. Washington Redskins- It doesn’t matter who the coach is for the Redskins, it seems like the same story every year. They show glimpses and then fall apart.

26. Minnesota Vikings- It’s a season of rebuilding.

27. Miami Dolphins- They have improved the past few weeks, so they were due for a win.  Matt Moore has done a nice job as the starting quarterback and I was glad to see them get the victory.

28. Arizona Cardinals- They made the right decision by drafting Patrick Peterson. He is a major playmaker, and he’s only going to get better.

29. St. Louis Rams- They should have beaten the Cardinals, and I can’t believe they lost the game by giving up a punt return for a touchdown in overtime.

30. Seattle Seahawks- They are too young and lack firepower.

31. Cleveland Browns- They can’t move the ball at all, they couldn’t stop the run against the Texans, and I don’t see things getting any better this year. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on Colt McCoy though.

32. Indianapolis Colts- Keep up the good work, and Andrew Luck will be yours!

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