SPORTS YAPP: Week 9 Recap And Week 10 Fantasy Predictions

SPORTS YAPP: Week 9 Recap And Week 10 Fantasy Predictions

Week Nine Recap:

Most Impressive Performance:  Willis McGahee made a huge difference in the Broncos offense on Sunday, and that translated into a very impressive fantasy day as well.  He rushed for 163 yards and two touchdowns. If he stays healthy and keeps running like that, fantasy owners will be very satisfied.

Pleasant surprise: Julio Jones caught two monster touchdowns for the Falcons and bounced back from a hamstring injury with a strong performance for fantasy owners.

Disappointing surprise:  Fred Jackson has been great all year long, but against the Jets he wasn’t able to get into the end zone and only rushed for 82 yards.

Walk the Plank: Jackie Battle and the Chiefs were terrible on Sunday against the Dolphins. I thought they would ride the momentum from their Monday Night Football win, but I was very wrong.

I was right: I’m glad I didn’t hop off the Tim Tebow bandwagon because last week he threw for two touchdowns to go along with his 100 yards passing and receiving.  He might not look like a “typical” quarterback all the time, but he knows how to score fantasy points.

What’s Boiling Bryce:  Mark Ingram continues to be injured.  With so many rookies having productive seasons, I’m frustrated that Ingram isn’t one of them. He’s dealing with a heel injury right now and even when he’s been healthy he hasn’t put up the big numbers I expected this year.  I hope he can get back on the field this weekend and get things rolling.

Convinced he will improve:  The Eagles passing game.  I’m convinced that one of the receivers will have to emerge the second half of the season and be Michael Vick’s go-to-guy. They did not play well enough on Monday night, had too many dropped balls, and their numbers have been inconsistent. Everybody is waiting on DeSean Jackson to step his game up and I think he will because it’s a contract year for him, so he has to improve…right?

Week 10 Predictions:

Best Matchup: The Saints and Falcons are in a close fight for the NFC South title and play one another this week. Both teams can score tons of points, and I see this game becoming a “shootout” with lots of players putting up solid fantasy numbers.

Sleeper of the Week: James Starks for the Green Bay Packers has to get going at some point this year because the team needs to establish the run. I know they are winning every game through the air, but toward the end of the season they will need to be more balanced. I think this week against Minnesota, Starks could get more of an opportunity to run the ball.

Bandwagon Riding: I really like Vincent Brown, a rookie wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers.  The Chargers need another weapon in the passing game for Phillip Rivers, and I think Brown will be their guy.

Bandwagon Jumping: Any player on the Cleveland Browns. Their offense can’t move the ball at all and I wouldn’t feel comfortable having any of their offensive players on my fantasy roster.

Dare you to start: Roy Helu from the Redskins. He had a good game last week in the receiving game, and we know the Redskins seem to have a different running back every week, but I think Helu has another good game against the Dolphins.

Dare you to bench: Patriots players this week against the Jets. The Jets absolutely shut down the Bills last week and I have a feeling they could do something similar this week. I’m not encouraging you to bench Brady unless you have someone pretty good backing him up. It’s very risky to put normal fantasy starters on your bench, but it might be worth it this week.

Player I’m counting on this week for my own team:  I traded for Antonio Gates and I play him in the flex position. I did give up Reggie Bush, so Gates needs to put up better numbers that him to justify my trade.

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