SPORTS YAPP: Week 11 Power Rankings

SPORTS YAPP: Week 11 Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers - Despite a little scare from the Bucs, the Packers win again. They will have to establish the running game in the next few weeks though.

2. San Francisco 49ers - I’m very excited to see the Harbaugh brothers coach against each other on Thanksgiving. How will Alex Smith handle the Ravens defense?

3. Baltimore Ravens - I think I rank the Ravens higher than most people, but they have enough strong pieces to be considered a top team in my eyes.

4. New England Patriots - Their tight end, Rob Gronkowski, continues to steal the headlines for a team that’s improving.

5. Detroit Lions -They have shown they can score and they have shown they can shut people down. Now they need to do both consistently during the same game.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers - Every team needs to stay healthy, but especially the Steelers because they have so many veterans.

7. New Orleans Saints - They needed a bye week to get Mark Ingram feeling better. I still expect big things from him this year.

8. Dallas Cowboys - A balanced offense with a tough defense equals postseason success. Can the Cowboys really keep this going?

9. Atlanta Falcons - They will start to hit their stride at the end of the season, just in time for the playoffs.

10. Chicago Bears - They have been playing as well as any team in the league. However, with Jay Cutler’s injury, their season is now up in the air.

11. Houston Texans - I’m not sure I should be this excited to see what Matt Leinart can do as the starting quarterback. I’m very intrigued to see how the team responds though.

12. New York Giants - They are heading in the wrong direction.

13. Denver Broncos -Tim Tebow is the difference maker and I can’t wait to see how far he can take this team.

14. New York Jets - Mark Sanchez has not improved enough to continue to be their franchise quarterback. They have tough choices to make.

15. Cincinnati Bengals - They can play the Steelers and Ravens tough, but this is not the year to knock them off.

16. Oakland Raiders - Carson Palmer has shown he still has something left in the tank. He brought the leadership and confidence the Raiders needed too.

17. Philadelphia Eagles - Vince Young was the spark I thought they needed and I won’t be surprised if the Eagles go on a run.

18. Miami Dolphins - They will play the role of “spoiler” the rest of the way. Probably too late to make the playoffs, but they are a tough team right now.

19. Buffalo Bills - What happened to “our” Bills? We all loved them earlier in the year and now they have fallen off the face of the earth. I can’t explain it.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - They played much better last week against the Packers, but they are still a few players shy from being a playoff team this year.

21. San Diego Chargers - I don’t see them turning things around. They appear to be in major trouble.

22. Tennessee Titans - I was very impressed with rookie quarterback Jake Locker when he came in for the injured Matt Hasselbeck.

23. Seattle Seahawks - I am always surprised when they win a game. It’s happened a lot more than I thought it would too.

24. Kansas City Chiefs - They have hit a major wall and can’t seem to do anything right anymore.

25. Carolina Panthers - They don’t know how to win. They have had plenty of opportunities, but can’t seem to seal the deal.

26. Washington Redskins - They had a great chance against the Cowboys, but things only seem to go wrong in Washington right now.

27. Minnesota Vikings -They may not get a first down without Adrian Peterson healthy.

28. Arizona Cardinals - Yikes! They had a terrible game against the 49ers.

29. Cleveland Browns - They finally put together a win again. Colt McCoy shows glimpses, but will it be enough to keep his job as the starter next year?

30. Jacksonville Jaguars - I hope Jack Del Rio is enjoying his final season.

31. St. Louis Rams - They have been my biggest disappointment this year.

32. Indianapolis Colts - At least they didn’t lose over the weekend.

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