SPORTS YAPP: Week 13 Power Rankings

SPORTS YAPP: Week 13 Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers- I think they proved to the national audience on Thanksgiving that their hopes of an undefeated season are still very much alive.

2. Baltimore Ravens- They remind me of last year’s Packers because they are a little under the radar but have a great chance to make a deep run in the playoffs.

3. New England Patriots- They appear to be getting better every week, so we can stop doubting them for now.

4. New Orleans Saints- So…the Saints have the best offense in the league? I think it’s fair to say that’s true.

5. San Francisco 49ers- Jim Harbaugh was right when he talked about the tough scheduling with travel and a short week leading up to the big Thanksgiving game.  However, those ended up just being excuses when he couldn’t take down his brother’s Ravens.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers- They didn’t play very well against the Chiefs, and they still won.  That’s what a veteran team does. The winning will continue.

7. Dallas Cowboys- Everyone still has a little doubt in their minds when trusting the Cowboys completely because of their recent history, but I think this season is truly different.

8. Atlanta Falcons- I’ve stayed on their bandwagon even though they have struggled at times, but the offense is finally clicking the way I thought it would. They do need Julio Jones to stay healthy, though.

10. Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh’s Thanksgiving foot incident will cost the Lions the playoffs because now he’s suspended for two games. He’s that big of a difference maker.

11. Houston Texans- The excitement of seeing Matt Leinart back on the field didn’t last very long. Another Texan quarterback heads to injured reserve, but this team continues to roll.

12. Chicago Bears- I still think their defense and running game will win them a few more games, but it won’t be easy the rest of the way without Jay Cutler.

13. Denver Broncos- The defense deserves a lot of love because they allow the Broncos to play the type of offense that works best for Tim Tebow. I will also give Tebow credit because he’s the biggest reason for the team’s midseason turnaround.

14. Oakland Raiders- The Raiders have been playing really well since Carson Palmer has arrived. The shocking part is that they’ve played that well without Darren McFadden.

14. New York Jets- Last week I questioned if Mark Sanchez was the franchise quarterback the Jets need moving forward. He proved me wrong for one week with a four-touchdown performance against the Bills.

15. Cincinnati Bengals- Every week, they have a tight game with a divisional opponent.  The difference against the Browns was that they got the win.

16. New York Giants- Last week I said they were heading in the wrong direction, and I still feel that way. Their schedule is too tough, and the team doesn’t seem like they are on the same page.

17. Tennessee Titans- They most likely won’t make the playoffs this year, but they are building something solid in Tennessee. I like how tough they’ve played this year.

18. Miami Dolphins- I was pulling hard for them on Thanksgiving, but the Cowboys were able to hang on. Matt Moore continues to impress, and I just have to wonder if they will commit to him as their starter next year.

19. Philadelphia Eagles- Well, I guess the thoughts of a big run to finish out the season can be thrown out the window. Things are not looking good in Philly right now.

20. Buffalo Bills- Stevie Johnson cost the Bills the game against the Jets. He has caused quite a stir since his end zone celebration and his dropped passes, too.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- LeGarrette Blount is probably the hardest running back to take down when he’s off and running down the field.

22. San Diego Chargers- The Broncos find ways to win, and the Chargers find ways to lose.

23. Seattle Seahawks- Marshawn Lynch may not get a ton of national attention, but he’s putting together a really nice season.

24. Carolina Panthers- They tried to give the Colts their first win, but the Panthers were able to hang on. They need a whole new defense for next year though.

25. Kansas City Chiefs- I’m not sure how they had a chance to beat the Steelers, but they sure did make it a close game. I do have to wonder if they will win another game, though.

26. Washington Redskins- Even bad teams sneak out a win every once in awhile.

27. Arizona Cardinals- They can thank Patrick Peterson for getting them another win.

28. Minnesota Vikings- The throw that Christian Ponder made to Percy Harvin in the back of the end zone was the play of the week.

29. Cleveland Browns- Their offense seemed to click a little better against the Bengals, but they still lack a wide receiver they can count on down the stretch.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars- Last week I said I hope Jack Del Rio is enjoying his final season with the Jaguars. I didn’t realize it would be his final game!

31. St. Louis Rams- Why would you punt the ball to Patrick Peterson? The Rams have had a miserable season, and they might be looking for a new coach, too.

32. Indianapolis Colts- It’s a good thing they kept the streak alive…only a few more games, and then it’s all about the draft!

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