Sports Spectrum Staff Picks Week 17

    Each week, Sports Spectrum staff writers Aaron May, Bryce Johnson, Stephen Copeland, Managing Editor Brett Honeycutt and Vice President of U.S. Sports Ryan DiNunzio will make their NFL picks. Email your weekly picks to and compete against our staff for a chance to win SS prizes.

    Week 17                  Aaron            Brett            Bryce            Stephen          Ryan

    Redskins/Eagles     Eagles            Eagles           Eagles            Eagles              Eagles

    Ravens/Bengals      Bengals          Bengals        Ravens           Ravens             Ravens

    Jets/Dolphins          Jets                Jets               Jets                Dolphins           Jets

    Panthers/Saints       Panthers         Saints           Panthers         Saints               Saints

    Bucs/Falcons          Falcons           Falcons        Falcons           Falcons            Falcons

    Lions/Packers         Packers          Packers       Packers          Packers           Packers

    49ers/Rams             49ers               49ers           49ers              49ers                49ers

    Steelers/Browns     Steelers           Steelers       Steelers          Steelers            Steelers

    Cowboys/Giants      Giants             Giants          Cowboys        Giants               Cowboys

    Titans/Texans         Texans             Titans           Titans             Titans                Titans

    Colts/Jags               Jags                 Colts            Jags               Colts                 Colts

    Bills/Patriots           Patriots             Patriots         Patriots           Patriots            Patriots

    Bears/Vikings          Bears               Bears            Bears             Bears              Bears

    Chiefs/Broncos       Broncos            Broncos       Broncos         Broncos          Broncos

    Chargers/Raiders   Chargers          Raiders         Raiders         Chargers        Chargers

    Seahawks/Cards     Seahawks        Seahawks     Cards           Cards              Seahawks


    1. Ryan (13-3 in Week 17, 164-80 overall)
    2. Bryce (13-3 in Week 17, 160-84 overall)
    3. Brett (10-6 in Week 17, 156-88 overall)
    4. Steve (14-2 in Week 17, 153-91 overall)
    5. Aaron (10-6 in Week 17, 151-93 overall)

    Readers, email your weekly picks to before the first game of the week. The overall winner from each week (competing against our staff) will receive a gift from Sports Spectrum magazine.