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Monday, I had a chance to catch up with former Indianapolis Colts head coach and current NBC Football Night in America NFL analyst, Tony Dungy. To see the interview, click below.

On Saturday night at the Rock and Worship Roadshow, we got a chance to go backstage and interview one of the biggest names in hip-hop, Lecrae Moore. Sure, Lecrae may not be someone we typically feature in Sports Spectrum. He's not an athlete. He's a musician. But he relates to athletics because of hip-hop's influence in the athletic sphere. He recently delivered a message for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and his event manager showed us a number of pictures from a golf round Lecrae played with Bubba Watson, who we featured in our Winter 2012 issue...

Family first. I was sitting at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center listening to NFL alum Freddie Scott speak, when I noticed one of the kids to the left of me. There were 100 kids and 35 parents gathered in the Detention Center’s gymnasium that day, but this kid in particular caught my eye. As he listened to Freddie, elbow on the table, sitting with his fellow detainees, he rested his head on his right hand. Tattooed on his right hand was the word “Family.” Eventually I noticed something else tattooed on his left hand: "First..."

Starting Sunday, Sports Spectrum will have coverage all week from the Super Bowl. We've sent our staff writer, Stephen Copeland, to Indianapolis to cover the week's festivities and events. Steve will be blogging daily about his experiences with exclusive interviews, videos and more. You can also follow Steve on Twitter @Steve_Copeland for live updates.

"He’s blue! He’s blue!” George Briscoe cried, as they wheeled his son, Travis, into the operating room. “In the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus!” screamed Travis’ mother, Debbie, who was signing documents at the nurse’s desk. Perhaps that’s all you can say when your 16-year-old son is on his deathbed—when a typical Thanksgiving weekend in 2003 is transformed into a traumatizing nightmare—when your son is mistakenly rushed to the operating room without his oxygen tank, his life source. The doctors and nurses quickly retrieved the oxygen tank, which, at the very least, prolonged what little life he had left. “I need to talk to you,” said the anesthesiologist before the surgery...

Each week, Sports Spectrum staff writers Aaron May, Bryce Johnson, Stephen Copeland, Managing Editor Brett Honeycutt and Vice President of U.S. Sports Ryan DiNunzio will make their NFL picks. Email your weekly picks to sportsspectrumpicks@yahoo.com and compete against our staff for a chance to win SS prizes.

SS: What's your biggest dream after football? Reggie: I want to be used by God. To bring people into the Kingdom. And I pray more and more every day that God will give me, Sarah, and my children more of a compassion for people. A compassion for one another, a love for Him, and I believe that once He gives us even more love for Him, we'll be more and more compassionate to people. And yet we'll be more determined not only to share the gospel with them, but also to live the gospel out. And to be able to use our time and resources to help people who are in need. SS: How would you like people to remember you in terms of a football player and a person? Reggie: For people to remember my life, Sarah, and me, as people who loved God. I want people to be able to say to my children, "You know that your mom and dad were a woman and a man after God's heart." I want my grandchildren to be able to say that to their children. That's the legacy I want to leave. I want people to say that Reggie and Sarah were a man and woman of God. That would mean more to me than anything...

This week is all about the underdog, the unknown, the bracketbuster, the next George Mason, the teams you should start paying attention to now in order to fill your bracket out correctly in March. Last week we defined a bracketbuster as a team you've never heard of who ruins your bracket predictions by upsetting the big name schools. This week we will take a look at which teams from the smaller conferences are poised to win an NCAA tournament game or two. We will also visit the classroom to find out what school pulled a George Mason before George Mason did...

This year's Power to Win DVD features Colts center Jeff Saturday, Redskins linebacker London Fletcher and former Colts punter Hunter Smith. Hosted by former Saints fullback and current NFL Network Analyst Heath Evans. Order for the big game, or other ministry events. To pre-order, head over to http://www.powertowin.org

On Championship Sunday, both the AFC and NFC title games were marred by mistakes in the final moments. Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff shanked a game-tying field goal against the New England Patriots, and San Francisco 49ers returner Kyle Williams fumbled on the punt return, giving the New York Giants a game-winning field goal. But that's life. We're human. And we mess up. How do you react when you're the one to blame for defeat? How do you respond to God when you lose? Former Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins punter Hunter Smith, who is featured on this year's Power To Win DVD, dropped the snap on a game-tying extra point, which ended up being the last play of his otherwise successful career. But as a Christian, he used the moment of blame, shame and defeat to lead people to the Cross. It was drizzling rain at Washington’s Fed Ex Field on Dec. 12, 2010, and seven seconds remained on the clock...

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