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God-sized Dreams

John Harbaugh and his Baltimore Ravens will take on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship at 3 p.m. on Sunday. The Ravens finished 12-4 in the regular season and 8-0 at home to win the AFC North. Harbaugh was featured in the Fall 2010 issue of Sports Spectrum.

The “Hello Kitty” poster was the first clue: Something was amiss. This couldn’t actually be the office of an NFL head coach, could it?

Where were the pithy motivational placards about success, endurance and teamwork? Where were the ostentatious odes to football or the coach’s own achievements? And how did this girly paraphernalia make it past security? This is, after all, the NFL, which has annals filled with stories of blustering men who rule football fiefdoms like medieval lords and treat their serfs accordingly… Continue reading

From the Archives: Meb Keflezighi

At 36-years-old, Meb Keflezighi won the Olympic marathon trials last weekend. Keflezighi’s story below was featured in the Winter 2010 issue of Sports Spectrum.

Nearly two years ago Meb Keflezighi couldn’t walk. Even moving around in his bed required help from loved ones.

His predicament was the result of a fractured hip he incurred Nov. 3, 2007, at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in New York City… Continue reading

SPORTS YAPP Podcast #21 — Colts, Tebow, and the NFL Playoffs

Brett Honeycutt, editor of Sports Spectrum magazine, joins “SPORTS YAPP” to discuss Jim Caldwell and the Colts while Bryce gives his thoughts on one of his favorite players, Peyton Manning, and what the Caldwell firing means for him. The two of them disagree on the NFL games this weekend and give their final thoughts about Tim Tebow and the Broncos.

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Old School – What College Basketball Can Learn from Tim Tebow

Another week of great college basketball action is in the books, and we are creeping ever closer to March Madness. This week I debut a couple of new segments (College Basketball 101 and the March Madness Word of the Week). I also take a look at what college basketball can learn from Tim Tebow, Sports Spectrum’s 2011 Athlete of the Year… Continue reading

Learning to Swim

There was a time when Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell used to sink in adversity. Literally. Caldwell was five years old when he, his six-year-old sister and his four-year-old brother convinced their mother to take them to the “Big Pool,” a neighborhood pool in Rockford, Ill., with a deep end, shallow end, high dive, low dive and even a slide (probably a little better than their inflatable pool in the back yard).

“We told her we’d stay in the shallow end, so we did,” Caldwell remembers. “But I was a pretty adventurous kid…” Continue reading

Let Tim Tebow Pray

Tom Sorenson of the Charlotte Observer writes that people should let Tim Tebow pray! “Why would I care if Tebow prays publicly? So many of us manufacture reasons to get upset. We wake up looking for reasons to be offended. If we didn’t, if there weren’t millions of us, message boards would go out of business.” – Sorenson  

Old School – Hawks Don’t Leave the Nest, The Next Kevin McHale & Weekly Review

Let me start out admitting that I was way off on Monday night’s BCS National Title Game. I thought LSU would give us a repeat result of what happened in Tuscaloosa, but Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide completely outcoached and outplayed Les Miles and LSU.

But enough of college football, let’s move from a sport with the worst postseason system in the world to the sport with the best, college basketball.

The strangest story so far in this college basketball season has involved the head coach of St. Joseph’s, Phil Martelli, and former player, Todd O’Brien. The Hawks have had a resurgent year and currently have an 11-5 record. They have a good chance of building a good enough resume to get back to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2008. But this story has brought a lot of bad press to St. Joe’s.

O’Brien has graduated from St. Joe’s and wants to use his last year of eligibility at UAB, but his former coach won’t let him… Continue reading

2011 Year in Review DigiMag

Read our 2011 Year in Review DigiMag, where we, as a Sports Spectrum staff, give you our top tens from the year.

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