March Madness Blog – Friday Day Games

March Madness Blog – Friday Day Games

12:15 – Time for more madness. I’m hoping today’s games will bring a few more close games and upsets.

12:55 – I grab a pizza for us to eat from Capriccio’s. It’s one of the best places in Charlotte to get pizza. Get the Sicilian pizza. It’s HUGE!

1:15 – I hate how the NCAA is calling this round the second round. That means 60 teams got a bye.

1:53 – It looks like NC State and San Diego State will give us our first good game of the day. It was back and forth throughout the first half, second half underway.

1:57 – After scoring just two points in the first 12 minutes or so, Texas finally figures out how to score. Cincinnati’s lead down to three with 7 in to play. And J’Covan Brown throws up an airball on an attempted three to tie.

2:15 – Each time Texas has a chance to tie or go ahead, they’ve taken threes that have not even come close. Meanwhile, each time Cincy needs a big shot Yancy Gates responds.

2:19 – Even though it’s been close, it just feels like Cincy will be able to close it out.

2:23 – More crying in basketball from Texas’s Chapman. Can’t guys get back to the locker room before the emotions pour?

2:28 – Alabama takes a 30-23 lead into the half. Creighton is struggling to score and that’s typically the way they win games. Not good.

3:17 – I’m pulling for Creighton simply for the potential matchup between Harrison Barnes and Doug McDermott, former high school teammates.

3:19 – Speaking of McDermott, it’s always cool to see players play for their dads. Virginia head coach Tony Bennet played for his dad. Valpo coach Bryce Drew played for his dad Homer Drew. Lamar coach Pat Knight played for his dad Bob Knight at Indiana. Ray McCallum plays for his dad at Detroit. Its always cool when fathers and sons win a big game and get to celebrate together.

3:40 – I ask Daniel and Michael if they think Vermont has a chance against North Carolina. Michael responds with, “They have a guy named Four!” (Which is a no, I guess). Daniel and I ask Michael if he will consider that name for he and his wife’s baby due in September with the reasoning being, he can name his child Four Horsemen, and will be able to use the Four symbol Ric Flair and Arn Anderson made popular.

3:45 – Alabama with 2.2 seconds… Nope, way too short. Creighton gets by with the skin of their teeth. They missed a bunch of free throws down the stretch and were lucky to win this one. If they want to give North Carolina a run for their money, they can’t miss anything.

4:03 – There’s been a lot of one-sided games in this round. Florida beats Virginia 71-45. Virginia had a good season but certainly didn’t play like they belonged in the field.

4:49 – The bad thing about watching with Carolina fans, is that we have that game on the main TV. At least Vermont has kept it close for a while, but Florida State and St. Bonaventure are closing in on the final four minutes.

5:08 – I’m not sure why St. Bonaventure didn’t take a three while down three in the final seconds. I guess no math majors on the court.

5:28 – My Belmont pick did not pan out.

5:30 – I’m not feeling too good about my Final Four pick about right now. Mizzou and Norfolk St. are tied at the half with 38 points a piece.

5:33 – It’s hard to believe Christian Laettner was a member of the 1992 Dream Team. Considering how his NBA career was mediocre at best , he sticks out like a sore thumb. Here’s that roster: David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Clyde Drexel, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Chris Mullin, Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson. All of those guys are hall-of-famers or will be very soon.

5:59 – Norfolk State has given Missouri all they can handle, up 58-57 with 12 minutes to play. The last 15 seed to beat a No. 2 seed was Hampton, who beat the No. 2 seed, Iowa State:

6:03 – We all agree that Pitbull is the worst. Write two bars of music and repeat for three minutes.

6:11 – The Missouri-Norfolk State game has been pretty good to this point. Missouri only up two with 8 minutes left. Does Norfolk State half enough confidence/swagger to pull it off?

6:21 Norfolk State is 25-9 from the MEAC Conference. Just in case you were wondering.

6:52 – Wow! Norfolk State pulls it off. Down goes many people’s Final Four team, including mine. We finally get a real upset and it’s a big one. Kyle O’Quinn gets the game ball, 26 points and 14 rebounds.