March Madness Blog – Friday Night Games

March Madness Blog – Friday Night Games

8:02 – Storm passing through, we lost our satellite signal on one of of our TVs.

8:08 – There’s no way we get two number 15 upsets do we? Duke up just two vs. Lehigh at the half. That’s never happened.

8:10 – I had an Abbot and Costello moment with Michael:

Michael: “What’s a Billiken?”

Me: “That thing right there (points to logo of Billiken)”

Michael: “What is that?”

Me: “A Billiken”

Michael: “What’s a Billiken?”

Me: “That thing right there (points to logo of Billiken)”

Michael: “What is that?”

Me: “A Billiken”

Michael: “What’s a Billiken?”

Me: “That thing right there (points to logo of Billiken)”

Michael: “What is that?”

Me: “A Billiken”

This went on for awhile.

8:16 – Billiken definition according to Wikipedia: The Billiken was a charm doll created by an American art teacher and illustrator, Florence Pretz of St. Louis, Missouri, who is said to have seen the mysterious figure in a dream. In 1908, she patented the Billiken, who was elf-like with pointed ears, a mischievous smile and a tuft of hair on his pointed head. His arms were short and he was generally sitting with his legs stretched out in front of him. To buy a Billiken was said to give the purchaser luck, but to have one given would be better luck.

8:29 – Satellite is back up.

8:49 – Someone must have purchased a Billiken in the past few minutes. Saint Louis went on a 12-2 run and have a 7 point lead.

8:52 – Daniel finds a disturbing article about the eccentric Rick Majerus. Can’t put any of it in this blog, very gross.

8:57 – Lehigh takes a 5 point lead. The Carolina fans are going nuts! Both in Greensboro Coliseum and in our living room.

8:59 – Here’s a tweet from North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall (@KButter5): “Guard from Lehigh look like when Steve Urkel turned into Stephon lol”

9:03 – The luck of the Billiken prevails.

9:08 – Two big time upsets in the making. Lehigh a 15, Ohio a 13.

9:14 – I’m assuming this would be the biggest sports moment in Lehigh sports history.

9:28 – It’s hilarious to see Daniel and Michael get sooooo excited for a potential Duke loss. I have to admit though, it’s exciting to me too. I do feel a little bad for Sports Yapp host Bryce Johnson, a big Duke fan. But not that much.

9:29 – Joe: “Duke is about to ruin your bracket.”

Michael: “Brackets are garbage, this is real!” Quote of the night.

9:43 – Down goes Duke. Michael jumped up and down in a spinning fashion, all while trying not to be too loud because there is a sleeping baby in the house. Pretty funny stuff, I really should have pulled out my iPhone and gotten that.

9:44: Incredible. 15 seeds had only beaten 2 seeds four times. It happened twice today.

9:45 – Lost in the chaos of a Duke upset, St. Mary’s came all the way back to make it interesting. Steindl gets the ball with St. Mary’s up one and runs the baseline. Traveling is called. You can only do that after a made basket.

9:47 – St. Mary’s has a chance to tie at the buzzer and it goes left. And now more crying in basketball from Steindl. You have to feel bad for him. He probably feels that he cost his team the game.

10:11 – Norfolk State’s Kyle O’Quinn is quoted as saying, “We even messed up my bracket.”

10:20 – Tweet from Rob Lowe, of Parks and Rec fame, “Bummed about #Duke going down. Love me some Coach K. #MarchMadness. Parks and Recreation is a funny show. I literally just got into it about a month ago and have now seen every episode.

10:27 – LIU Brooklyn down by only five at the half to the one seed Michigan State. This can’t happen can it? (12:02 – It did not)

10:40 – Temple students were singing “You’re not gonna make it” to the tune of “We’re not gonna take it” by Twisted Sister. Very creative.

10:48 – It takes 17 minutes for USF to get 10 points.  USF has missed 22 consecutive shots.

10:57 – 8 made field goals combined for both Temple and USF. 19-15 at the half, on pace for a final score of 38-30.

11:21 – Looks like we may have more offense in the 2nd half, USF has made four shots already.

11:41 – I saw Temple live and they made a believer out of me. They ran a smooth, efficient offense, rebounded well, shot well from outside and got scoring inside, made smart decisions and played solid defense. It’s almost like they’ve forgotten how to play tonight. Down 10 with 8 to play, but 10 points seems like an insurmountable deficit they way they’ve played.

11:46 – Mark Lyons picks up his 3rd foul for Xavier with eight minutes to play and pulls a Peyton Manning by waving off his coach.

12:07 - Questionable officiating down the stretch. They were technically correct calls, but not really in the spirit of the game. Charles Barkley hammered the refs in the postgame show.

12:08 – Incredible finish for Xavier though. Once by about 10, they manage to comeback and win the game. Next up is Lehigh, and the X-Men say, “Thanks Duke!

12:10 – By the way, what a disappointing end for Temple’s seniors. They won a tournament game last year, had a strong regular season this year, winning the A-10 in dominant fashion, beat Duke in a nonconference game, and lose in the first round.

12:12 – Make sure to check back tomorrow and Sunday. I won’t be doing the running diary, but I will have some thoughts and analysis of the games throughout the day.