2012 Baseball Preview — Top 10 Most Interesting People

2012 Baseball Preview — Top 10 Most Interesting People


1. Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants – This generation’s Yogi Berra. Wilson is often over the top with everything he says or does – wearing a tuxedo leotard at the ESPY’s, giving a beat down to water coolers in the dugout after a blown save, or telling Jim Rome in a live interview that he has ninja skills.

2. Ozzie Guillen, Miami Marlins – You never know what this man will say, but you don’t want to miss it. Either on Twitter, or in front of a camera.

3. Kevin Millar, Baseball TV Personality – Co-host of MLB Network’s Intentional Talk has baseball’s best TV segment in “Got Heem!” A term originated by interesting man No. 1, Brian Wilson.

4.Bobby Valentine, Boston Red Sox – Back in the MLB, after a stint managing in Japan and on ESPN, to manage the high-profile Red Sox. He’s already begun taking shots at the rival Yankees during spring training. After being ejected from a game during his managerial stint with the New York Mets, Valentine came back to the dugout wearing a disguise. It did not go unnoticed.

5. R.A. Dickey, N.Y. Mets – An avid writer, biker, knuckleballer, and Mt. Kilimanjaro climber, Dickey is a man of faith without a boring bone in his body.

6. Jaime Moyer, Colorado Rockies – After spending time with ESPN and rehabbing from Tommy John surgery last season, Moyer is planning on playing more baseball with Colorado at  the age of 49!

7. David Ross/Tim Hudson, Atlanta Braves – This duo has been together since their days in college at Auburn, likely why they are known as the Braves biggest pranksters.

8. C.J. Wilson, Texas Rangers– Straightedger Wilson is always an interesting interview.

9. Torii Hunter, L.A. Angels –Hunter is always smiling and is very camera friendly.

10. John Axford, Milwaukee Brewers – The closer won the American Mustache of the Year award in 2011, despite the fact he’s is Canadian.

Aaron May