Idara Otu, Nigeria, discusses faith and obstacles

Nigeria’s Idara Otu (middle), track and field, will run in the semifinals of the 4×400 meters on August 10. She is a two-time All-American who ran at Stanford and is a Nigerian-American. She lived in Brooklyn before going to Stanford and graduating in 2009. Last time Nigeria won a medal in the event was a silver medal in 1996. You can follow Idara’s London experience by visiting her blog.

Q. What’s your inspiration as an athlete?
A. As an individual and as an athlete, I put a lot of faith and trust in God… Continue reading

Next for U.S. archers: fall weddings

LONDON (BP) — U.S. archers Jacob Wukie and Jennifer Nichols each lost in their second-round matches July 31, ending their Olympics competition in 2012.

“It’s a little bit sad that it’s already over after working so long for this,” Nichols said. “But it’s a season of life. Even though the Olympic Games are an incredible experience, I definitely think that there are also other highlights in life…” Continue reading

Boudia wins bronze in synchronized diving

LONDON (BP) — When U.S. diver David Boudia looks at the bronze medal he won July 30 with his teammate Nick McCrory in the men’s synchronized 10-meter platform event, he sees change.

Boudia and McCrory put together six solid dives for a score of 463.47 points to finish third behind the teams from China (gold) and Mexico (silver) and ahead of the hometown team from Great Britain.

Boudia, making his second Olympics appearance, said at this year’s Games he has a “totally different mind frame” from what he did four years ago.

“Going into 2008, I was just excited to be on the team, and it was deer in the headlights,” Boudia said. “I was chasing after things that are temporary…” Continue reading

Old School — Watch college football instead

The pageantry, the rivalries, student sections, fight songs and traditions like running through the “T” at Tennessee or releasing the “War Eagle” at Auburn. Those are some of the traditions that make college football so great. What makes the NFL great? Read on to see what I have to say… Taking the Field: The script “Ohio” and dotting the “i” at Ohio State, Howard’s Rock at Clemson, the “Sooner Schooner” in Oklahoma, the “Ramblin’ Wreck” at Georgia Tech, the buffalo at Colorado—so many schools have their own unique traditions in how the team is led onto the field—all while their school’s fight song is played by their marching band. In the NFL, teams may have one of those flimsy blow-up tunnels to run through while some AC/DC or Guns ‘N Roses plays over the PA system. Atmosphere: The Oregon Ducks “O” chant is loud throughout four quarters and all their Read More

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