From the Archives: 2004 World Champion Red Sox

Since it’s almost MLB playoff time, we thought it would be good to visit the archives for our story about the 2004 World Champion Red Sox. In the story, we hear from ace Curt Schilling as he explains that Game 6 of the ALCS was about God, not a bloody sock. We also hear from the Red Sox reliever Mike Timlin and the chaplain of the Red Sox, Walt Day, who talked about the spiritual influence Dave Roberts had on the locker room… Continue reading

“Conversations” with Luke Smallbone from for KING & COUNTRY


This edition of Sports Spectrum “Conversations” features someone from the world of music, Luke Smallbone, from the band for KING & COUNTRY. A few of their songs that you may have heard include: “The Proof of Your Love,” “Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)” or “Light It Up.”

Luke comes from a large and musically gifted family (Rebecca St. James is his sister), who moved from Australia to Nashville, Tenn., when he was young. He joined us to talk about music, the NBA, his own hoop dreams that were shattered by injury, how God presented him with a new dream, and why Christians should make the best and most inspired art… Continue reading

Around the Net – President Tebow? Tim Hudson on CBN, Josh Hamilton out, Athlete Tweets

In a recent feature with Vogue Magazine, Tim Tebow mentioned a possible future career in politics…

Tim Hudson shut down the Phillies Sunday, inching the Braves closer to clinching a playoff spot. He spoke with CBN about his faith in Christ…

Josh Hamilton hasn’t played since September 18, and the Rangers aren’t sure when he will be back…

What they said – Christian Athletes on Twitter… Continue reading

Torii Hunter – Fully Reliant

As the 2012 MLB season winds down, Torii Hunter and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have found themselves in a furious race to win one the the two spots in the AL Wild Card. The Angels are currently 81-69 and 4.5 games back from the second Wild Card spot. We ran Torii’s story in the Spring 2012 issue of Sports Spectrum, and we found out about Torii’s rough childhood, how he’s found refuge in Christ through the mentally and physically demanding baseball schedule, and what he prays before every at-bat… Continue reading

“Conversations” with Turner Gill


This edition of Sports Spectrum Conversations features the head football coach at Liberty University, Turner Gill. Coach talked to us about his playing career at Nebraska and in the CFL, his minor league baseball career, and how God prepared him to be a head coach and leader. Coach Gill also shares his memories of his mother, who passed away just a few weeks ago, and how she always encouraged him in his faith…
Continue reading

From the Archives — Center Stage

Many didn’t think the Saint Louis Cardinals would be in the playoff hunt without Albert Pujols, but the Cards are once again contending for the playoffs, and Carlos Beltran is having his best home run season since 2007, the third best in his 15-year career, and has tallied his most RBIs since 2008. This story was published in the July-August 2005 issue of Sports Spectrum.

It would make perfect sense if Carlos Beltran were just a little uncomfortable in New York. Actually, it’s strange that he’s not.

Suddenly, he’s one of the biggest names in the biggest media market in the country. When he pulled on a Mets uniform before the first day of spring training, he had about 15 reporters watching his every move—a stark contrast to the scene a year ago when he was playing the final year of his contract in Kansas City… Continue reading

Let it Fly

The kicker stands behind a podium in the Heidelberg Room, on the top floor of the Baton Rouge Hilton, and pauses for a moment while grown men dry their eyes. Mo Isom has just finished telling a story of loss and brokenness and occasional self-loathing, a story that Isom has lived for much of the last 22 years. Across the room there have been gasps and sniffles… Continue reading

Old School — Why the Nats are making a mistake

Much ado has been made about the Nationals shutting down ace Stephen Strasburg in the middle of a pennant race, so I figured I would go ahead and give my own two cents. In case you haven’t heard, the Nationals have said all season they were going to be very careful this season with Strasburg because he is coming off of Tommy John surgery. The plan was to limit him to 160-180 innings, much like they did last season with Jordan Zimmerman. This Saturday, the Nationals shut down Strasburg. having pitched 159.1 innings and finishing 15-6 with a 3.16 ERA, and 197 strikeouts.

Perhaps the Nationals believe he can’t get hurt when he’s not on the field, so his future will be safe.

Well, unless he plays pickup basketball like Aaron Boone.

Or carries deer meat up stairs like Clint Barmes… Continue reading

From the Archives: Reggie White

Reggie White was a 13-time Pro Bowler, 2-time Defensive player of the year, a Super Bowl champion, and a Hall-of-Famer. The “Minister of Defense” recorded 198 sacks in his career and is one of the best defensive players to ever play in the NFL. But his outspoken nature to boldly proclaim his faith is what separated him from many others. He passed away in 2004, but his life’s impact continues to touch people today. He was featured in many issues of Sports Spectrum from over the years. Here is an excerpt from his feature in our special Super Bowl XXVII issue from 1993, when White played for the Philadelphia Eagles:

Life as well as football is often a game of inches and big plays in which players lead by example. White will be the first to tell you that to be a leader in the game of football you also have to be a leader in the game of life.

White has earned huge levels of respect in the NFL, but it’s nothing new… Continue reading

Guided Star

In his eight-year NFL career, Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has become a model of stability, security and super-sized plays.

But to achieve his many NFL honors and to earn the respect of teammates and fans, Witten had to overcome unbelievable odds as a neglected child to become a true champion on and off the field… Continue reading

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