From the Archives – Dave Drevecky

Dave Dravecky was a Cinderella story – if Cinderella could have worn cleats to a ballgame instead of glass slippers to a royal ball. Sure athletes retire with every season, but America had followed the ups and downs of Dave’s career as closely as the sporting year’s many scandals and tragedies, though for an entirely different reason.

Dave Dravecky had overcome cancer surgery on his throwing arm and come back to pitch again in the major leagues. Not since watching helplessly as Lou Gehrig battled amyotrophic lateral sclerosis had the nation so intimately identified with a ballplayer’s struggle with illness… Continue reading

Airing It Out — Culture wars

There is a culture war going on and Yunel Escobar is in the middle of it. So is U.S. gymnastics Olympic star Gabby Douglas.

The culture war involves an array of social issues involving Christianity, but we’ll address Gabby Douglas first. Her story deals with an attack directed straight at her faith… Continue reading

Around the Net – Brees breaks record, Pettitte starts Game 2, Hamilton done in Texas?

Drew Brees broke Johnny Unitas’ record last night…

Andy Pettitte will go for an MLB-record 20th postseason win for the Yankees tonight. Former manager Buck Showalter comments on Pettitte’s success…

Josh Hamilton may have worn out his welcome in Texas. But he says that wherever he may go in free agency, it will be where God directs him to go…

Tebow tweets about playing in the 666th Monday night game, Bubba Watson tweets about a party in heaven, and Jim Irsay tweets about delivering the game ball to Chuck Pagano… Continue reading

From the Archives – Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte and the New York Yankees have clinched yet another AL East title in 2012 and the once-retired Pettitte figures to factor into the Yankees postseason success one last time. Pettitte is the all-time leader in postseason wins with 19 and could be going for number 20 in Game 2 of the ALDS.

Pettitte has always been a strong believer and family man, Here is our story on Andy from the May-June 2001 issue of Sports Spectrum.

It was the perfect day for an all-star showcase. The best baseball players from the Houston area had been invited to show their stuff in front of college and professional scouts. But something was wrong.

Where was the Pettitte boy? Continue reading

A Letter from the Publisher

Dear Sports Spectrum Readers,

We wanted to thank you for your support over the years and your interest in the faith and sports world. We count it as a great privilege to bring you stories that encourage and hopefully challenge your faith, and we will continue to do so in print, digital, and online formats.

This letter is to inform you that the Vol. 26 No. 4 (FALL 2012) issue of Sports Spectrum will not be printed and delivered to your home. It will only be available ONLINE, in DIGITAL format. Continue reading

Around the Net – Prayer gets Dickey through season, Tebow Time in New York?

New York Mets pitcher and Cy Young candidate, R.A. Dickey, revealed that he has pitched hurt for most of the season. And what got him through the season? Prayer…

With the New York Jets (2-2) offense struggling with Mark Sanchez under center, may people have been wondering if it’s time for the Jets to start Tim Tebow at quarterback. Columnists from around the world of sports are weighing in on if it’s Tebow Time…

What They Said – Notable quotes and tweets this week from Christians in sports… Continue reading

Closeup — Kyle Adams

You hear about athletes having breakthrough seasons. Well, 2008 turned out to be a breakthrough year for Chicago Bears’ tight end Kyle Adams. But what Adams, a second-year pro out of Purdue, experienced in ’08 doesn’t show up on cumulative stat logs posted online. He enjoyed a banner year of a different sort while meeting the needs of underprivileged people in one of the poorest places on Earth—Haiti. How Adams initially ended up in Haiti—a country in which he’s regularly served as part of missions trips—is a testament to how God works in mysterious ways. Adams said he grew up in a church environment, but he felt something was missing in his life so he joined the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on the Purdue campus his sophomore year. “I think at that point in my life I was caught up in what was important to me,” he says. “There were Read More

Closeup — Bobby Doerr

Robert Pershing “Bobby” Doerr, at 94, is the oldest living player in baseball’s Hall of Fame. He “lived to celebrate” his beloved Red Sox’ two World Series triumphs, and was recognized on Fenway Park’s 100th birthday. He warmly recalls pro ball at age 16 with the 1934 Pacific Coast League Hollywood Stars. He also honors a lifelong friendship begun two years later, when a local teenager named Ted Williams joined him on the original PCL San Diego Padres. They were reunited in Boston (1939), with Bob retiring because of injury in 1951. Williams famously called him the “silent captain of the Red Sox,” while a Yankee opponent styled him “one of the very few men who played the game hard and retired with no enemies.” Later years have brought recognition as an Oregonian and outdoorsman, and honored his 65-year marriage to wife Monica. Bob calls his family, friends and neighbors Read More

Face-Off — Bountygate: Pay for performance or pay to injure?

PAY TO INJURE Bountygate,’ the great conspiracy? The NFL’s “Bountygate” scandal, on the surface, seems like a justification to an exaggerated characterization of reality. A pay-for-performance-system sinisterly was distorted as a pay-to-injure-scheme resulting in punishments, leaving numerous New Orleans Saints’ players and coaches vilified and personified as a league example to deter any future-would-be-similar-incentive programs. Although the players’ contracts forbid any kind of non-contract bonuses for on-field incentives offered by the team/organization (a very black and white mandate); it doesn’t, however, prohibit their teammates from monetarily rewarding positive performance (more of a grayish area). Pundits of this pay-for-performance type want to make it something it’s not—forcing it as some ethical or spiritual issue. I understand the reasoning players’ contracts prohibit non-contract bonuses—it’s an attempt to fend off opening Pandora’s Box to point shaving, game fixing, gambling, injuries, etc. I realize that. However, I parallel this pay-for-performance-motivation with a parent offering Read More

Unpackin’ it — Trevor McNevan

UNPACKIN’ it with Bryce Johnson is a radio show that unpacks the truth about faith, sports, life and entertainment.  Join Bryce as he interviews intriguing guests and has inspiring conversations. Find out more on You can also follow Bryce on Twitter: @BRYCERADIO Below you will find some highlights of Bryce’s interview with the lead singer of Thousand Foot Krutch, Trevor McNevan as they discuss hockey, Steve Nash, and faith. BRYCE JOHNSON: Being from Canada, your favorite sport is hockey, I assume. What did you think of the L.A. Kings winning the Cup? Trevor McNevan: I mean, it was pretty great. You’ve got to give it to them big time. One of my best friends grew up playing for the Ottawa Senators and now actually plays for the Nashville Predators. Mike Fisher is his name and I’m partial, a little biased. I’m a Preds (Predators) fan now that I live Read More

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