In senior Rex Burkhead, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have another outstanding I-back—and because of Burkhead’s relationship with Jesus Christ, they have a lot more. His relationship with Christ has been reflected in his approach both to football and life. The more he has learned God can be trusted, the more confident he grows in whatever he does. But Burkhead didn’t always have that outlook about faith, although he has always believed in God, and knew that faith in Him was helpful for life. “I didn’t know what it meant to have a relationship with Him in Jesus Christ,” says Burkhead, a powerful-looking, 5-foot-11, 210-pound running back who is projected to be one of the top running backs in the upcoming NFL Draft. When he attended a church retreat with friends during his sophomore year in high school, he received Christ as his Savior. Thus began the relationship. “Since then, it’s been Read More

Bringing Liberty To Uganda

Jodi Murphy was recruiting another player when she found out about Natalie Barr. That’s where she found out that her life intersected with Barr’s. They knew they had a passion for field hockey, but both also had a passion for the people of Uganda, and a passion for helping bring hope and true life to Uganda through sports. The beginnings of that connection, though, began two years prior, in the spring of 2010, when Liberty University announced that it was starting a women’s field hockey program. “I had already been praying about the next steps for me in terms of coaching,” Murphy says. “I had been at the University of Richmond, then for six years, and I had been kind of itching to do something else. I knew right away that was an opportunity that the Lord had opened a door, so I sought that out.” She interviewed and was Read More

Another Angle — Pedestal to the metal

Zach Johnson dropped the f-bomb on air the other day, and I liked what came from it.

Now, let me explain, before you act like I voted democrat or haven’t read “The Chronicles of Narnia” or didn’t like “Radical” by David Platt (which, I didn’t really, so, sorry, Christian culture).

On Nov. 29 at the World Challenge, unabashed Christian and PGA Tour player Zach Johnson, quite possibly the Tim Tebow of golf, cursed on air, then apologized later on Twitter. His slip-up showed his humanity, and his apology showed his aim. I liked it… Continue reading

Unpackin’ it — Pat Williams

Pat Williams, co-founder and senior vice president of the Orlando Magic joined Bryce Johnson on the UNPACKIN’ it radio show to discuss sports, faith and family. Pat is also a motivational speaker and has spent more than 50 years in professional baseball and basketball as a player and executive. Williams is the author of more than 75 books. He and his wife, Ruth, are the parents of 19 children, including 14 adopted children from four nations. You can listen to the full interview at www.unpackinit.com BRYCE JOHNSON: You’ve been involved in the NBA for a long time. Do you still love it, and what’s your overall view of the league right now? Pat Williams: Bryce, I’m still fascinated by it. This is my 44th year in the National Basketball Association. My first season was 1968, so I’ve seen an awful lot of change, and I’ve seen an enormous amount of Read More

Airing It Out — Heart control

Early on the Saturday morning of Dec. 1, 2012, Kansas City Chiefs starting linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend after shooting her nine times.

He then drove approximately five miles to Arrowhead Stadium where he thanked his coach, Romeo Crennel, and his general manager, Scott Pioli, for everything they had done for him. Then he shot himself to end his own life… Continue reading

The Void

That summer, John Morris would sit in church every Sunday and feel his eyes well up. His wife would look at him, concerned.

“It’s okay,” he’d say. Then she would hold his hand.

But he wasn’t okay. How could he be?

How can you be okay when a player kills—kills—another player? When the town you’ve lived in for 25 years—Waco, Texas—is a media circus, the center of one of the most catastrophic scandals in college basketball history? When the school you love—your employer for the last eight years—is like an exploding building, collapsing in slow motion for the entire nation to see… Continue reading

Pre-Order Power to Win 2013

Power to Win 2013 is now available to pre-order! This year’s video features the stories of 3 Super Bowl Champions from the New York Giants: Chase Blackburn, Chris Canty, and Justin Tuck. Each kit will include: 1 Power To Win DVD, Digital access to Sports Spectrum magazine for up to 250 people (valued at $99.95), 10 – $10 coupons for purchase in Sports Spectrum’s store (valued at $100). The Super Bowl is February 3, 2013, plan your ministry event today! To order, click here. Continue reading

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