Airing It Out — Why we stand with Robert Guerrero

When I read about Robert Guerrero getting arrested, all sorts of emotions welled up—at first.

Then I read what happened and I thought, “No big deal.” Yes, No. Big. Deal.

We have a logic fail by anyone who thinks otherwise, including people like ESPN’s Dan Rafael who, unfortunately, have essentially equated it with crimes like domestic violence… Continue reading

Don’t Stop The Madness!

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From the Archives — The Sixth Man

Let’s go back to 1988. To the suburban community of Lake Bluff, Illinois, home of Lake Forest High School. Rob Pelinka is nearing the end of an outstanding prep basketball career. As a senior, the 6-foot, 6-inch guard is averaging 30 points and nearly 10 rebounds per game.

Recruiters from around the country are knocking on his door, offering their championship promises on a daily basis. Coaches from Arizona, Stanford, Illinois, and Michigan are regulars at the Pelinka residence. That’s not to mention the letters of interest from perennial basketball powerhouses North Carolina and Duke…

Click here to read our 1993 feature on Rob Pelinka, who was the sixth man for the University of Michigan under the Fab Five and now represents NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. Continue reading

Devotion of the Week — Little Team, Big Wins

The NCAA Tournament is one of my favorite events in sports. The reason for that is that college basketball always seems to exemplify the cliché that anything can happen. This year, that cliché has stuck throughout the entire season with top-five teams losing left and right. The field was as wide open as ever, and March Madness has definitely lived up to its namesake, especially in one section of the United States… Continue reading

Football, Hunting and Decisions

Phil Robertson called signals, darted, dove and threw. He wasn’t trying to call or chase ducks, he was quarterbacking Louisiana Tech’s football team against Alabama in 1966.

It’s an interesting clip on YouTube that shows Robertson’s high skill level at quarterback… Continue reading

Riding the Roller Coaster

Heaven knows it’s not listed among the official records set by the Tampa Bay Storm during a 2003 run to the Arena Football League title. Nonetheless, the Lord must have been most pleased with the club mark for best chapel attendance. “We started out with three guys. At the end of the year, we had over half the team attending,” former standout wide receiver and linebacker Lawrence Samuels said of the ministry he was building with chaplain Zenon Andrusyshyn. “That was great.” Samuels, now the offensive coordinator, remembers Andrusyshyn quietly expressing his hope for a member of their Bible study and prayer group to rally the Storm to a record fifth ArenaBowl crown. Within hours, Samuels himself was handed the Most Valuable Player and Ironman of the Game awards for his role in a 43-29 triumph against the Arizona Rattlers. Five months beforehand, another decorated Christian linebacker was the toast Read More

Running an Amazing Race

Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin stood in Cathedral Square in Panama City, Panama. The flowing skirts of the traditional tamborito dancers swirled and spun a mystery before them. Somewhere was the clue that would guide them to the final Pit Stop of this race leg. Reach it first, and they were into the finals of The Amazing Race, playing with a one in three chance of winning $1 million. Reach it last—game over. The two pro snowboarders had already won six of the race’s ten previous legs. They had a commanding lead now, but they were confused. They spotted a word on a necklace: Balboa. They took off in a cab toward Balboa. Other teams reached the square and stared blindly in front of the colorful swirl. None of them either could see the words “Panama Viejo” embroidered on one spinning skirt. After reaching two incorrect Balboas, Andy and Tommy Read More

Duck Dynasty, How It Almost Never Happened

Phil sits in Willie’s office at the Duck Commander warehouse. He’s telling a story, like Phil usually does.

Being with him in person is kind of surreal, like you’re having coffee with a cartoon. It looks like he came straight out of your television and sat in your living room—sunglasses resting on his head, camouflage bandana and pants, as if he’s been hunting all day, and a nest of a beard you could probably turn into a winter scarf… Continue reading

Invisible No More

If you could have stood in the locker room before the fight, you would have thought an army was about to charge into battle. The energy gave you chills. The noise made your head throb.

As Robert Guerrero’s team, family and friends gathered around him, howling and chanting, Bob Santos stood quietly, questioning their naivety, nervously wondering if this would go down as the biggest mistake of Robert Guerrero’s career… Continue reading

Uncommon Challenge