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For many golf fans, the final round of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, is the high holy day of professional sports. It’s a chance to worship all things green and beautiful in the aptly named Cathedral of Golf.

But for 2007 champion Zach Johnson, his stunning victory on April 8, was a chance to win the most prestigious of golf tournaments, the Masters, while worshiping the true Master.

Johnson rolled up a shocking two-shot victory over Tiger Woods for his first-ever major golf championship and his second win on the PGA Tour, then he promptly acknowledged on national TV and later to the worldwide sports media his reliance on Jesus Christ as his source of strength.

“Golf is really my ministry,” Johnson said later in an exclusive interview with Sports Spectrum magazine. “I just spoke from the heart and let people know how I felt. I’ve always had a platform for Jesus; now I just have a bigger platform.”

It’s a platform Johnson is eager to share–as is his wife, Kim, and the golfer’s team of coaches, family, and advisors, all who are Bible-believing Christians.

“I’ve said it 100 times and I’ll say it again, I feel like I’m an instrument of God’s work out here,” Johnson said in 2004 after winning his first PGA Tour title, the BellSouth Classic in Atlanta. “God works through me, and I went with it. I get a little ahead of myself at times, and I go back to what got me here (God). I mean, I leaned on Him and it was great.”

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