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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Thanks to your help, Sports Spectrum Global recently produced the first ever Christian sports magazine in Russia. Our friends in Russia are distributing the magazine through our digital platform, social media, street evangelism through trading cards, and through the local church. Twenty years ago, we never would have imagined a gospel-centered magazine being distributed throughout Russia. We are building other international magazines, as well, including a special World Cup magazine that will be used in Brazil and translated for other countries. We will upload another magazine this month that will be used in Kenya. Click here to view the Russia issue. Click here to learn more about Sports Spectrum Global.

I recently had coffee with the long snapper for the Carolina Panthers, J.J. Jansen. He was telling me about chapel and how more players attend during losing seasons because they think chapel, or God, will help them win. We started talking about God and prosperity, agreeing that they don’t relate. I call it “Ray Lewis Theology.” You know, quoting Isaiah 54:17 (“No weapon formed against you shall prosper”) after winning the AFC Championship...

Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle exudes honesty and transparency and sets a high standard for himself on and off the field. That’s not lost on his players, who he expects to live up to a high standard, as well. “Every player is responsible and accountable to represent the name on the front (Pittsburgh) more than on the back,” says Hurdle, who has led the Pirates to two of their best first-half starts since winning the National League East in 1992. “Don’t take that for granted...”

It takes guts to man the line of scrimmage, face mask to face mask with some of the nastiest 300-pound plus defensive linemen in the National Football League. (Of course, it's not so bad when you're 6-foot-6 and 278 pounds yourself.) It also takes guts to stand up for your convictions -- especially when you risk being misunderstood. Give Anthony Munoz an "A" for intestinal fortitude on both counts. The Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle has been voted to the Pro Bowl seven times and has been recognized twice as the NFL's best offensive lineman. The 30-year-old Munoz has also developed the courage to take on moral issues. One that concerns him is the pervasiveness of pornography -- an issue he admits he has not always been sensitized toward...

Eric Liddell is one of my favorite athletes, not because he was a runner (track and field is one of my favorite sports) and not because he was a winner (he won the 400 meters at the 1924 Olympics) and not because he was a world record holder (his winning time in the Olympics broke the previous world record). It was because he was able to compete in the sport and accomplish all of his feats while honoring God. His story is inspiring, and should be for any Christian, for all of those reasons...

I recently wondered if sports as a safe haven, the sanctuary we so often escape to avoid the media’s political boxing match every day, exists any longer because it seems to have become entangled with 21st Century politics. Current and former athletes speaking out for and against guns, gays, certain politicians and Christians sharing their faith openly, are only some of the hot-button issues invading our sports culture today. On the surface, this could cause some to worry that our escape has been turned into a battlefield by the politically motivated or by those who could care less about the pureness of sports...

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