Another Angle — Dear Coach Bliss

Coach Dave Bliss,

I’m not sure when I started calling you “Coach.” It just kind of happened. I suppose it’s fitting since that’s what you are—from your assistant coaching days under Bob Knight at West Point and Indiana; to your head coaching days at Oklahoma, SMU, New Mexico and Baylor; and even now as the athletic director at Allen Academy in Bryan, Texas.

You’re a coach. And you have 500 NCAA victories to prove it… Continue reading


Texas A&M head coach Billy Kennedy and his assistant coach, Mitch Cole, are in the team film room.

Kennedy sits in the middle of the room, its theatre-seating funneling toward the screen in front of them, tables running across each row, black-and-white A&M basketball photos and inspirational quotes plastered on the side walls. Kennedy’s plastic plate from lunch, littered with crumbs and a banana peel, is sitting on the table, as he casually leans back in his chair… Continue reading

From the Archives — Favorite Sun in Phoenix

SS: But you continued your search, still trying to find some sense of real truth and purpose. Eventually you came across the New Testament, in which you found a literary piece that had a different impact on your life than the other great authors you had read.

KEVIN JOHNSON: That’s right. I was searching for someone I could be like, that I could emulate in almost every way: their thought processes, how they treated other people, and so forth. As I would get into these different characters, whether from literature, sports, or people I knew, they would always fall short of my expectations somewhere along the line. When I finally came across the New Testament, I read it from front to back. I had never read the Bible before…

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Devotional of the Week — Mumford Prayers

I pray a lot of times while I run. There’s just something about running that puts me in a reflective, spiritual mood. It feels good to be outside and release energy after sitting in an office all day, and I feel like I’m engaging with creation, smelling the Carolina pine straw at my feet, watching the sun go down, and taking care of the body the Lord has given me… Continue reading

Airing It Out — Let your actions speak

Johnny Manziel, you don’t have to point fingers and brag.

You’re good enough, I promise.

You don’t have to prove it to a defender or remind them how good you are by yelling and pointing at them after running and passing the ball over them into the end zone… Continue reading

New magazine featuring Billy Kennedy now available

This issue features stories on Texas A&M head basketball coach Billy Kennedy and Spain Park High School star baseball player Hunter Dawson. We also have closeups on Chicago Bears quarterback Josh McCown, Houston Texas quarterback Case Keenum, New York Giants safety Ryan Mundy, Baylor University men’s basketball guard Brady Heslip and Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant. Our columns also touch on a variety of issues. Managing editor Brett Honeycutt writes about Johnny Manziel and humility in his column “Airing It Out,” and staff writer Stephen Copeland writes about former NCAA men’s basketball coach Dave Bliss and grace in his column “Another Angle.”

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NFL Closeup: Josh McCown

From the backup quarterback in the NFL to high school quarterbacks coach to starting quarterback in the NFL, Josh McCown has taken the unconventional route back to pro football. But he was ready for whatever God had for him. “There are paths that cross in your life that are out there; you don’t even know they are coming,” he said in a My Story video by the ministry, The Increase. “What are you going to do when you get them? And are you going to join God in His mission or are you just going to miss or are you going to be so consumed with what (you have) going on that (you) miss what you can do with Him?” McCown’s career  began in 2002 with the Arizona Cardinals, but he has never played a full season. After getting in only two games in 2008 and one game in 2009 Read More

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