Hard of Hearing

“…your ears are open, but you hear nothing.” Isaiah 42:20

During almost any baseball game, you will see a player or manager question an umpire about a call. Sometimes the discussions can become quite heated and the aggressor will be thrown out of the game. Yet no matter how much the person argues, and even if television replay shows that he is right, an umpire won’t change his decision (unless it’s regarding a home run, which is the only call subject to replay). Managers must find it extremely frustrating to argue a point, feeling confident that they are right, only to have their petitions fall on deaf ears.

Jesus knew what that was like. He often spoke in parables and frequently told listeners, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” But He knew that many wouldn’t actually “hear” what He was saying. And 2000 years later, people still aren’t hearing His words. Don’t be one of them. Open your ears to the Lord’s message of salvation and eternal life through His sacrifice on the cross.

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Room for Jesus?

“You shall have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3

The company where I work made enough profit last year that everyone was given a bonus this year. In addition, the president of the company came around to personally thank each person for the job he or she had done. When he came to my cubicle he chuckled. “It’s easy to see what you’re interested in,” he said. Yes, the walls of my cube are covered with newspaper clippings and photos of Steelers headlines, Pitt victories, Penguin goals and Pirate highlights. But also tucked in among the sports news was a lovely bulletin cover of Jesus with His disciples, and a picture of a cross with a Bible verse inscribed across it. Did the president notice those? Perhaps not, because they were sort of crowded out by everything else.

Is that how my life is as well? Can people see Jesus in me, or do I crowd Him out with sports and other pursuits? A little housecleaning might be in order, both at work and in my life.

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Using the Web to Spread the Word

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations . . .” Matthew 28:19

Many years ago I was asked to write a feature story about Arnold Palmer for a local newspaper. In anticipation of the interview, I spent several hours at the library one Saturday afternoon, poring over books and magazines to get as much background information as possible so as to be quite knowledgeable during the interview. The librarians were very helpful as they tracked down various publications for me. It really wasn’t that long ago—maybe 15 years.

And yet now, all I would have to do is search the Internet, and within 30 minutes I could print out everything I need. The Internet has certainly made life easier and saved a lot of time for people. Just about anything we want to know can be found at the touch of our fingers. However, more important than finding information on sports figures, computers and the Internet have given people in countries around the world the opportunity to learn about Jesus. Bible studies, sermons, guides and more are all available to those who are seeking. Jesus has commanded us to spread the gospel throughout the world, and computer designers and engineers have made it possible to do just that.

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