From the Archives: Quiet Fire

Tony Dung's gimmick is not having a gimmick. After a decade that made anti-heroes cliche (the 1990s), Dungy's single most rebellious act may be the fact that he flies under the radar and lives quietly...

From the Archives: Last Dance, Mike Minter’s greatness on and off the field

Mike Minter is no Michael Jackson. That much was clear two years ago at the swanky 30th birthday bash he threw for his wife, Kim. Minter, the Carolina Panthers' venerable safety, went all out, renting the ballroom at The Cornhusker, a posh hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska, and filling it with ice sculptures, a deejay, and 100 guests -- "the whole enchilada," as friend Chris Bubak put it. But the highlight came late in the evening when the deejay, at Kim's request, surprised Mike by asking him to perform "Beat It" on a karaoke machine...

From The Archives: Guided Star

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has become a model of stability, security and super-sized plays. But to achieve his many NFL honors and to earn the respect of teammates and fans, Witten had to overcome unbelievable odds as a neglected child to become a true champion on and off the field...

From the Archives: Masterful Performance

For many golf fans, the final round of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, is the high holy day of professional sports. It's a chance to worship all things green and beautiful in the aptly named Cathedral of Golf...

From the Archives: Charles In Charge

"(My grandfather's death) altered my thoughts on life. I always had a knowledge of Christ, but my faith didn't come alive until that point; I said a prayer that day asking Christ to come into my life..."

From the Archives: Full Cup

"It's easy to get caught up in the hoopla of the moment or get lost in the darkness of a trial, but because God has so demonstrated His grace and power to me, I hold steady to what is most important and crucial in my life: My relationship with God and the privilege of being His kid." -- Michelle Akers, FIFA's Female Player of the 20th Century, and 2-time World Cup winner CLICK HERE to read Michelle Akers' story from Sports Spectrum's September 1999 issue...

From the Archives: The Mark of a Champion

With the Cleveland Cavaliers advancing to the NBA Finals, here is an archived story on Mark Price (who spent the first nine years of his career with the Cavs) from our January/February 1993 issue...

From the Archives: The Year That Changed Him

On Monday, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry was named the 2014-15 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player, the first in the Warriors' West Coast Era to win the award and the first since Wilt Chamberlain earned the honor (1959-60) during his rookie season with the Philadelphia Warriors. Click HERE to read Sports Spectrum's 2013 feature on Stephen Curry, titled "The Year That Changed Him..."

From the Archives — The Little Guard That Could

Reading the children's classic The Little Engine That Could might be the easiest way to understand what Avery Johnson has gone through to make it in the NBA. Like the little blue engine from Watty Piper's story, Johnson is an inspiration. Like the little blue engine, Johnson is much smaller than his counterparts. Like the little blue engine, Johnson has had to persevere. And like the little blue engine, Johnson's goal is to climb a mountain. I think I can - I think I can - I think I can - I think I can. Click here to read the rest of our story on Avery Johnson from our November 1993 issue...

From the Archives: The maturing of a young athlete

Yawn...yawn. Seemingly just another day at the office for point guard Steve Alford. The smooth 6-foot-2 senior led Indiana University to the National Collegiate...

From the Archives: The Amazing Journey of Matt Hasselbeck

It was here, in the poverty-torn country of Jamaica, while sitting next to a man grotesquely disfigured by leprosy, that Matt Hasselbeck began his unexpected journey to the NFL, to the Pro Bowl, and to the Super Bowl. It was here, as Hasselbeck watched with amazement a man who had lost his fingers, ears, nose, and sight to leprosy joyfully praising God in prayer and in song, that the Seattle Seahawks quarterback discovered the meaning of contentment and commitment...

From the Archives: Aiming to Please

After a long, hot day of practice at the University of Florida, Steve Spurrier is the first one off the field. He has made it his custom to lead the way into the press barrage. Spurrier steps to the sidelines and is assaulted with television cameras and tape recorders. "Nothin' too exciting happened today, nothin' too disappointing happened," he reported one afternoon early in the season, "just another day out in the sunshine. What else y'all wanna know?"

From the Archives: Heart of the Rockies

"I try to be myself and let my teammates know where I stand in my relationship with the Lord. But at the same time, I don't want them to feel like I'm trying to beat them over the head. I hope to be their friend and build a relationship with them and let them know that I'm there for them. I feel like if I build relationships and prepare my heart for a chance to share with others, God will use me in a way that will glorify Him." -Matt Holliday, 2008 March/April issue of Sports Spectrum "When your superstar status type guys are successful in what they do, some of the non-believers on the team can see that you can be a Christian and still be aggressive in the baseball realm and be a good baseball player. To have the key leaders on a team be believers, and for them to live a certain way is significant." -Jeremy Affeldt, 2008 March/April issue of Sports Spectrum Click HERE to read our archived story on Matt Holliday and Jeremy Affeldt from when they played for the Colorado Rockies.

From the Archives: Going Long

Socks -- (according to Webster's dictionary) a woven covering for the feet. Socks -- (according to Seattle Seahawks opponents) something you don't want to be faked out of when you're attempting to cover Steve Largent. Put Steve Largent in a footrace with other wide receivers like Olympic sprinter Ron Brown of the Los Angeles Rams and Willia Gault of the Chicago Bears, and Largent's speed makes him look like a Volkswagen among Ferraris… Click HERE to read the remainder of this "From the Archives" story on Steve Largent from an issue in 1987 when Sports Spectrum was called Second Look. This year, Sports Spectrum is celebrating 30 years of covering faith and sports.

From the Archives: 100 Percent

Former NFL linebacker Derrick Brooks is now in the Hall of Fame. Here is a throwback story when he was featured on the cover of Sports Spectrum's Winter 2009 issue. The glass atrium of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' posh headquarters is adorned with exhibits commemorating the history of the franchise.The most striking is a statue featuring life-sized images of coach Jon Gruden and eight standout players reveling in their 48-21 victory against the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII. Among the sculpted figures is one of Derrick Brooks, whose character off the football field is symbolized in a less conspicuous... Click here to finish reading Sports Spectrum's throwback feature on Derrick Brooks from five years ago.