Devotional of the Week — Treasuring What Matters

Winter Olympics great Eric Heiden was very practical in his view of gold medals. In essence, they’re nice to look at, but not very useful. “I’d rather get a nice warmup suit. That’s something I can use. Gold medals just sit there. When I get old, maybe I could sell them if I need the money,” said Heiden, winner of five gold medals at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, N.Y. He understood the triviality of the medals, which are much like the trivial nature of wealth or stockpiling things because we just have to have them. When it came down to it, Heiden needed equipment to train more than he needed the medals. And when it comes down to worldly things compared to spiritual things, we should see the disparity between the two and store up treasures in heaven. As Matthew 6 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also...”

Another Angle — Deeper peace, more and more

Keep going,” my editor said. “Okay,” I replied, as I veered from turning onto the street where the Sports Spectrum offices are located. We needed to get away. It was deadline week at Sports Spectrum, which means sleepless nights, burning eyes, and a terribly strange aroma in my office that smells like Panera coffee and Little Caesars pizza. During these weeks, my editor and I often find it helpful to get out of the office and drive around...

From the Archives — Spirit of St. Louis

In one magical season that reads like an Oscar-winning movie script, Kurt Warner went from NFL quarterback wannabe--just two years ago he was a third-stringer who played in one game--to league and Super Bowl MVP. "He's a book, he's a movie, this guy," said St. Louis Rams former head coach Dick Vermeil after Warner led the Rams to their dramatic 23-16 victory in Super Bowl XXXIV by throwing for a record 414 yards. Well, the book's already out. It's Warner's autobiography, accurately titled All Things Possible. The movie? There's nothing in the works--yet--but if you take Rudy, Rock, and Field of Dreams, and roll them all into one, you'll get the idea what Kurt Warner: The Movie would be about. Read the rest of our feature on Kurt Warner from our November/December 2000 issue by clicking here...

Devotional of the Week — Unfathomable Grace

There were times in my athletic career that I made “working” an idol. If I wasn’t No. 1 on the team, or if I wasn’t on the varsity team, I would work harder…and harder…and harder. Somewhere, in the depths of my mind, was the thought that if I kept working, I would one day be rewarded for all I have done. I think I did this with my spiritual life for some time, too. Actually, I think we all do...

Airing It Out — Why the NFL matters

Sports are popular in America. How popular? Of the top 50-most watched television programs in America in 2013, 45 were sporting events. Of those top 50 programs, the top 26, and 42 of the top 50, were NFL games. The rest of the top 50 were the BCS National Championship Game (No. 27), NBA Finals Game 7 (No. 29), NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship Game (No. 39) and five episodes of NCIS (ranking anywhere from No. 40 to No. 50)...

Life ‘Til Gain

Taylor Morton was a 14-year-old boy, innocent and impressionable, athletic and adventurous, a typical eighth grader whose biggest concern was sports…then maybe school…then maybe girls, whatever “girls” were. It was an Alabama April. Soon, school would be over. Soon, it would be summer. These were the summers of their youth that Taylor and his two younger brothers, Trent (12) and TJ (8) loved to conquer...

From the Archives — First issue of Sports Spectrum

Here at Sports Spectrum, we are entering our 30th year covering faith and sports. Over the last three decades, the magazine has gone from “Sports Focus” to “New Focus” to “Second Look” to “Sports Spectrum,” which it obviously remains today. Throughout 2014, we will catch up with some of the athletes featured in our first magazines and revisit some of our archived stories. Today, we are giving you the first issue of Sports Spectrum magazine, published in May of 1985 and featuring the late Dan Quisenberry. Click here to view the first issue of Sports Spectrum magazine...

Devotional of the Week — Getting Up When You Fall

A year after John Elway drove the Denver Broncos to victory in the AFC Championship Game against the Cleveland Browns, the two teams met again to see who would go to the Super Bowl. Late in the game, with a little more than 1 minute left, it appeared that Cleveland running back Earnest Byner would tie the game, but the ball was stripped from his hands at the 2-yard line, Denver recovered, and the Broncos held on for the victory in one of the greatest games in AFC/NFC Championship history. Unfortunately, Browns fans remember Byner for what they called “The Fumble” instead of his solid years as a running back for Cleveland. Byner, though, didn’t wallow in his misery. After being released by the Browns the following season, he spent five years with the Washington Redskins...

Airing It Out — From Africa with love and encouragement

As I spoke to LPGA legend and World Golf Hall of Famer Betsy King recently, I was encouraged. I was encouraged by what she’s doing in Africa to help the people spiritually and physically through her organization, Golf Fore Africa, and through a partnership with World Vision. But I was even more encouraged that 30 years after she was featured in the first issue of Sports Spectrum (then known as Sports Focus), she is still walking with Christ...

New magazine featuring Alfred Morris, Israel Idonije and Steve Smith now available

This issue features stories on Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris, Detroit Lions defensive lineman Israel Idonije, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith, and University of Alabama safety Taylor Morton. Our columns also touch on a variety of issues. Managing editor Brett Honeycutt writes about former LPGA Tour golfer Betsy King and following Christ in his column "Airing It Out," and staff writer Stephen Copeland writes about the peace displayed by a man on a farm and Steve Smith in his column "Another Angle." Log in here to view the magazine before it arrives in your mailbox. Not a subscriber? Subscribe to Sports Spectrum here.

The Book of Tebow | Sports Illustrated

Perhaps anytime a writer spends a considerable amount of time with Tim Tebow, the storyline is going to be clear. Tebow's faith is going to be prevalent. Thomas Lake's feature in Sports Illustrated is no different. "I’ve never found my identity in who I was as a football player," Tebow told Sports Illustrated. "I found my identity in who I am in Christ. And when you find your identity as a Christian, then regardless of your status, or your fame, or your popularity, or your position, that never changes…"

From the Archives — Creating A Buzz

Ask Chris Paul about his first year as an NBA player and he just smiles, shakes his head slowly, and says softly, "Unbelievable." Who could disagree? Although Paul was a consensus first-team All-American as a sophomore at Wake Forest, leading he Demon Deacons to their first No. 1 ranking in school history, hardly anyone projected him to have the type of instant impact he enjoyed in his first season as a professional. Just like his basketball skill, it is a personality and a lifestyle that can be traced back to his North Carolina home--and a background where everything began with and depended upon family and faith...

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