Old School – Ranking the Conferences

Hope you had an outstanding ValLINtine’s Day. Last night, Jeremy Lin hits a game winner for the New York Knicks to continue the Linsanity.™ It’s been hard not to pay attention to a story of a guy who was living on his brother’s couch a little over a week ago, to becoming a starting point guard for the New York Knicks and leading them to six straight wins, especially when the season was looking lost. I can only imagine the Linsanity™ if Lin and his Harvard team could have made a run in the NCAA tournament. And the cool thing about this story is that Lin continues to thank God and point people to his faith in Christ.

Any-who, enough NBA. After getting grief from some of my Twitter followers after posting a top 10 ranking of conferences, I decided to rank the conferences in “Old School.” And I’d love to hear from in the comments section on what you all think.

1. Big Ten
2. Big East
3. Big 12…
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Old School – What Makes A Good Rival?

What makes a good rival? The general consensus is that Duke-North Carolina is the best rivalry in college basketball, but there are plenty of others that don’t get quite the hype. Syracuse vs. Georgetown, Kansas vs. Kansas State, and how about St. Mary’s vs. Gonzaga? That’s always a good game. We’ve already seen one rivalry this year that ended in a bloodbath with Xavier and Cincinnati. This week is “Rivalry Week” on ESPN, so I figured it would be rivalry week here on Old School… Continue reading

Old School – Bracketbusters and the Original George Mason

This week is all about the underdog, the unknown, the bracketbuster, the next George Mason, the teams you should start paying attention to now in order to fill your bracket out correctly in March. Last week we defined a bracketbuster as a team you’ve never heard of who ruins your bracket predictions by upsetting the big name schools. This week we will take a look at which teams from the smaller conferences are poised to win an NCAA tournament game or two. We will also visit the classroom to find out what school pulled a George Mason before George Mason did… Continue reading

Old School – What College Basketball Can Learn from Tim Tebow

Another week of great college basketball action is in the books, and we are creeping ever closer to March Madness. This week I debut a couple of new segments (College Basketball 101 and the March Madness Word of the Week). I also take a look at what college basketball can learn from Tim Tebow, Sports Spectrum’s 2011 Athlete of the Year… Continue reading

Old School – Hawks Don’t Leave the Nest, The Next Kevin McHale & Weekly Review

Let me start out admitting that I was way off on Monday night’s BCS National Title Game. I thought LSU would give us a repeat result of what happened in Tuscaloosa, but Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide completely outcoached and outplayed Les Miles and LSU.

But enough of college football, let’s move from a sport with the worst postseason system in the world to the sport with the best, college basketball.

The strangest story so far in this college basketball season has involved the head coach of St. Joseph’s, Phil Martelli, and former player, Todd O’Brien. The Hawks have had a resurgent year and currently have an 11-5 record. They have a good chance of building a good enough resume to get back to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2008. But this story has brought a lot of bad press to St. Joe’s.

O’Brien has graduated from St. Joe’s and wants to use his last year of eligibility at UAB, but his former coach won’t let him… Continue reading

Old School – College Basketball Observations, Missed Predictions, and Fighting in Sports

Now that bowl season is winding down, college sports fans will soon have their attention fully on college basketball. The season is beyond most of the non-conference schedule and tournaments and teams will get into the grind of conference play.

I have had the opportunity to see a few good teams play in person. I have season tickets to the local college team in Charlotte, the Charlotte 49ers, and I’ve seen Davidson and Miami in person. I also had a chance to see the Ohio State Buckeyes play at South Carolina… Continue reading

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