Old School – BCS National Championship Preview

Tonight at 8:30 on ESPN the Alabama Crimson Tide will get their rematch against the LSU Tigers in the Allstate BCS National Championship. This matchup was almost between LSU and Oklahoma State as Alabama narrowly got enough votes to get the number two spot. Many people did not like the idea of a rematch, myself included, but that is the game we will get tonight and it should be a close one.

Looking Back

On November 5, 2011, LSU beat Alabama by a field goal in overtime. In fact, the whole game was centered around the kickers. Alabama’s kickers, Cade Foster and Jeremy Shelley, managed to miss four field goals, including a missed field goal by Cade Foster in overtime. LSU’s kicker, Drew Alleman, was perfect on the night, going three for three including the game winning kick in OT… Continue reading

Old School – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title – Week 10

What a saddening, disappointing, heartbreaking week in the college football world. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or on an expedition in the Antarctic, you know by know the big scandal that broke this week in State College, Pennsylvania. The scandal has lead to the firing of long-time head football coach Joe Paterno.

Bryce Johnson and I covered this a good bit on Friday’s SPORTS YAPP podcast (listen here), and I just want to a quick take here in my column what I think… Continue reading

Old School – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title – Week 9

Something I want to talk about this week is the lack of respect being shown to the University of Houston.

The Cougars are 8-0 and are ranked 13th in the BCS standings. The Harris poll and the USA Today poll have them ranked 14th. The one component that is helping them is the computers, where Houston and Oregon are both 13th!

I guess no one saw Case Keenum throw for nine touchdowns last week against Rice! Nine! That’s 63 points!Now I know what you are likely thinking or are about to say. Houston plays in Conference USA, they have a pass-happy offense, which skews statistics, and the Cougars have yet to play a ranked opponent.

So why should they be ranked higher?

Let me explain. Continue reading

Old School – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title – Week 7

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! The BCS standings are here. (Sarcasm)

If you’ve been reading my column all season, you know that I’m not a fan of the BCS bowl system (Playoffs! Jim Mora voice ). If you haven’t been reading, you can catch up by reading here and here.

The standings were released this past Sunday night on ESPN, and LSU is the big winner.

LSU and Alabama from the SEC come in at one and two, and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State come from the Big 12 come in at three and four (see the top 10 below)… Continue reading

Old School – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title Week 6

Now, a couple of weeks ago I concluded that corruption is the reason we don’t have a college football playoff.

In the current system, we determine a national championship game by a mix of human polls and computers, all of which have conference alignment and personal bias in the mix. (After all, the computer formula is formed by a human). And a lot of these guys who vote in the polls admit they don’t see all of the games, which is why the AP Poll pulled themselves out of the process in 2005.

It’s pretty insane that we determine who’s in the national championship game by opinion, when there is plenty of opportunity to let it be settled on the field… Continue reading

Old School – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title Week 4

Last week we talked about the BCS process and I said we would talk about the corruption of the entire process. Well, you’re gonna have to wait one more week.

Last night I had a chance to attend my first rodeo. PBR had a faith night here in Charlotte, and fellow Sports Spectrum staff writer Stephen Copeland and I had a chance to attend the bull riding competitions, get some pictures, and take a little video.They had a worship band play for faith night and a really cool gospel presentation that involved the training of a wild horse. It was a lot of fun an we should have a write up sometime next week, but until then, here’s a picture of a guy getting thrown off of a bull…

Continue reading

Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title – Week 3

What a crazy week for college football and college sports in general. Syracuse and Pittsburgh announced that they will be moving from the Big East to the Atlantic Coast Conference.The PAC-12 conference looked like they would add four more teams before deciding they would cap the conference at 12 teams. So for now, the Big 12, while unstable, will still survive. And the Big East will look into adding members (East Carolina has already applied for membership).

So what does this all mean? (Anyone channeling the double rainbow guy?) Continue reading

NCAA Football – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title (Week 1)

This year on SportsSpectrum.com I will be ranking the contenders to the BCS title in college football. Each week I will count down the top ten contenders to the title and as the weeks progress, we will whittle it down to fewer and fewer teams. Here are my rankings after Week 1… Continue reading

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