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Casey Crawford joins us on UNPACKIN’ it to talk faith, football and business. Casey played tight end at the University of Virginia, then with the Carolina Panthers, and won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is currently the CEO and President of Movement Mortgage, and his company was recognized by Inc. Magazine, in both 2012 and 2013, as the fastest-growing privately held mortgage bank in the country. Click HERE to listen to the entire interview.

It was here, in the poverty-torn country of Jamaica, while sitting next to a man grotesquely disfigured by leprosy, that Matt Hasselbeck began his unexpected journey to the NFL, to the Pro Bowl, and to the Super Bowl. It was here, as Hasselbeck watched with amazement a man who had lost his fingers, ears, nose, and sight to leprosy joyfully praising God in prayer and in song, that the Seattle Seahawks quarterback discovered the meaning of contentment and commitment...

An Olympian and five-time world champion works in her garden as her husband looks on and talks to a reporter. But this isn’t an interview for a home and garden show in America’s Heartland, the Northeast or the Deep South...

God opened a remarkable door for Chip Smith 27 years ago that radically changed his life and transformed athletic training in the United States. More than four years before the fall of the Soviet Union—mere weeks before President Reagan’s famous “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” speech on June 12, 1987—Smith spent three weeks in Moscow gleaning training secrets at the Soviet Sports Institute...

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