In The News: Stephen Curry

NBA All-Star. NBA MVP. NBA Champion. The success seemed to come all of a sudden for Stephen Curry, who earned his second consecutive All-Star berth this season before winning the NBA MVP in May and leading the Golden State Warriors to the NBA title in June...

Devotional of the Week: A Good Choice vs. A Wise Decision

Every basketball player can tell you of a time that a coach has preached about the opportunity to pass on a good shot for a great shot. For example, if a player on the wing has a chance to shoot but has a defender contesting the shot, the result may be that he makes the basket, which could be considered a good choice. However, the better decision would have been to make the extra pass to an open teammate who would have a higher percentage of making the shot. This would be considered a wise decision...

Another Angle: The Opry Stage and Honky-Tonks

Genuine joy and passion can shine most brightly through the simplest things and most ordinary actions. I began thinking about this whenever I was in Nashville at the end of May for the annual K-LOVE Fan Awards with the Sports Spectrum staff, a weekend-long celebration centered on Christian music that incorporates some of the top bands in the industry. The weekend is filled with concerts, activities, and an awards show on Sunday evening at the iconic Grand Ole Opry House...

Unpackin’ It: Dru Joyce II talks about coaching journey, LeBron James, new book

Coach Dru Joyce II went from being a salesman to one of America’s most successful high school basketball coaches and mentor to hundreds of young men, including LeBron James. As head coach at St. Vincent-St. Mary in Ohio, he has won a national championship, three state championships, and been named the National Coach of the Year. He has written a new book, Beyond Championships: A Playbook for Winning at Life, with a foreword by LeBron James...

Devotional of the Week: Words to Say

On May 1, it was announced that Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry would be the recipient of the 2014-15 NBA MVP Award. That evening, Curry delivered a humble, gracious, 50-minute acceptance speech at the Oakland Convention Center. The speech reflected his interview with Sports Spectrum in 2013 when he said...

From the Archives: The Mark of a Champion

With the Cleveland Cavaliers advancing to the NBA Finals, here is an archived story on Mark Price (who spent the first nine years of his career with the Cavs) from our January/February 1993 issue...

From the Archives: The Year That Changed Him

On Monday, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry was named the 2014-15 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player, the first in the Warriors' West Coast Era to win the award and the first since Wilt Chamberlain earned the honor (1959-60) during his rookie season with the Philadelphia Warriors. Click HERE to read Sports Spectrum's 2013 feature on Stephen Curry, titled "The Year That Changed Him..."

From the Archives: The maturing of a young athlete

Yawn...yawn. Seemingly just another day at the office for point guard Steve Alford. The smooth 6-foot-2 senior led Indiana University to the National Collegiate...

Former college basketball coach Dave Bliss releases chapter from new book ‘Fall to Grace’

More than a decade after Baylor University’s men’s basketball program fell to pieces, former college basketball coach Dave Bliss opens up about his personal journey—from worldly fame, to humiliation, to spiritual discovery—and the unfathomable grace revealed to him by a God who wants to give all of us a second chance at life. The book is currently available at

Life Giving

There was so much Monty Williams wanted to say. His heart was full, but the words escaped him as he pondered the question: “What does your relationship with Christ mean to you?” “Wow!” he replied, It would be an understatement if I said it meant everything...”

Where Are They Now? Closeup: David Chadwick

Though David Chadwick is about as self-effacing as a pastor can be, it was nevertheless unusual for him to begin his Feb. 8 message by saying, “If I seem a little bit discombobulated.” Just a few hours before the first service that Sunday morning at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, N.C., Chadwick had learned that his former college basketball coach at the University of North Carolina, Dean Smith, had passed away from Alzheimer’s disease.

Steve and Lorri Zeller release sample chapter of new book about parenting, basketball

Below is an excerpt from Raising Boys The Zeller Way by Steve and Lorri Zeller. In the book, Steve and Lorri (parents of Luke, Tyler, and Cody Zeller) provide an inside look at the principles they implemented in their household, and share transparent and entertaining anecdotes about their parenting journey. Luke, Tyler, and Cody each finished at the top of their high school class, won Indiana’s famed Mr. Basketball award, went on to play basketball at Division I universities, and play in the NBA... 

Airing It Out: Life lived out

Imagine if we were encouraged every day. Or taken care of every day. Or loved, celebrated, or even supported in our endeavors— every day. Imagine. How would...

Because It’s Better

Former college basketball coach Bob Knight, one of my favorite coaches of all time, is known for his aggressive style of coaching and intimidation techniques he would use on his players. He would oftentimes kick his players out of practice if they were not living up to his demands...

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