Video of the Week: Lauren Holiday allows joy to shine through soccer (by FCA)

U.S. women's national team member Lauren Holiday sits down with FCA to talk about her faith, playing on the game's biggest stage, and being a role model for young women. For more visit

From the Archives: Full Cup

"It's easy to get caught up in the hoopla of the moment or get lost in the darkness of a trial, but because God has so demonstrated His grace and power to me, I hold steady to what is most important and crucial in my life: My relationship with God and the privilege of being His kid." -- Michelle Akers, FIFA's Female Player of the 20th Century, and 2-time World Cup winner CLICK HERE to read Michelle Akers' story from Sports Spectrum's September 1999 issue...

Athlete Blog: The Freedom in Apologizing

“I am sorry. “ “I really messed up and was a jerk.” “I screwed up...”

Athlete Blog: Victory is Ours!

Life is a battle. We are in the greatest war there will ever be. We are fighting for the Kingdom of God! Every day is a struggle to live freely with peace and joy...

Airing It Out: The Truce Match

Six years before the world’s first intercontinental soccer tournament and 16 years before the first World Cup, an international soccer game was played on Christmas Day, 1914...

Athlete Blog: Standing firm on truth, persevering through life

As I grabbed my laptop in the airport to start typing away at my first blog before catching yet another flight, my most immediate thought was to write about how busy my schedule has been this fall. Between college soccer and World Cup qualifying, being a color commentator for ESPN and FOX has kept me on the move...

Women’s Ice Hockey: Anne Schleper

If someone read Anne Schleper’s bio from the past five years they would wonder what she hasn’t accomplished. In 2011, she won a gold medal at the World Championships for women’s ice hockey...

Another Angle: Love and labels

This summer, my roommate and I watched every United States World Cup match at a soccer pub called Courtyard Hooligans. You might have seen “fan reaction” videos from Hooligans floating around the Internet, as many of the clips found their way onto sites like and

Meeting The Future

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius’s book Meditations found Clint Irwin at a perfect time. Irwin was playing soccer in the Canadian minor leagues when he started...

Finding Strength In The Lord

Clint Dempsey was in kindergarten when he discovered that he loved soccer. The exhilaration of scoring goals was exactly what he needed to deepen his love for a game that has taken him all over the world and allowed him to play at soccer’s highest level in Europe and in the United States…

Brad Guzan’s Unexpected Journey

Our biggest breakthrough moments sometimes come when we least expect them. In 2005, United States goalkeeper Brad Guzan had thought he played poorly in place of Chivas USA’s injured keeper. The squad finished with an abysmal 4-22 record in its first season, and Guzan believed much of it fell on him. “I was young,” he says. “I wasn’t sure I was ready mentally, physically…"

‘All In One Rhythm’

"For there are three that testify: the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three agree." 1 John 5:7-8 The official slogan of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is "All in One Rhythm," or, in Portuguese, "Juntos num so ritmo." I love these four words. Not only is it a perfect description of the World Cup—how teams from around the world come together to participate in the sport of soccer, all in one rhythm— but it also makes me want to apply it to my own spirituality...

Preacher In Cleats

There is an hour-long video online titled “The Integrity of the Christian Faith Pt. 1,” featuring pastor Ebo Taylor and Cameroonian soccer midfielder Eyong Enoh. The video is produced by an organization called “Sons of God Intercessory Ministries (ICWC) Europe,” and as of March 10, 2014, the video only had 64 views...

A Gracious Peace

With four knee injuries in his career, it would be understandable if Marcos Senna was burned out, discouraged or disappointed with soccer. But it’s quite...

Unconditional Acceptance

Usually, performance leads to love. If you perform well in school, your teacher may tell you, “Nice job.” If you perform well in your career,...

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