Unpackin’ It — This NBA season, I’m convinced…

1. I’m convinced there are three great teams this year. The three best players in the NBA, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, all have a strong chance of winning a title this season. I always enjoy when the best players are on good teams instead of being on rebuilding teams. Those three guys are the obvious leaders, but each is surrounded by tons of talent that allows for success. You can make a case that the Thunder, Heat, or Lakers will win it all, but I’m convinced the Lakers win this year. I believe Steve Nash will do such a great job of getting Kobe, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol their touches that teams will have a tough time stopping them, despite their difficult 0-3 start to the season. 2. I’m convinced the most exciting team to watch this year will be the Los Angeles Clippers. Chris Paul Read More

UNPACKIN’ it DAILY-NBA Season Preview

Today on the show, Sports Spectrum contributor and “Unpackin’ It” podcast host Bryce Johnson gives his predictions and thoughts on the big storylines heading into the NBA season. Find out who he thinks will win the MVP and who will win the championship. He also has some interesting thoughts on the Jazz and Nets. Click here to listen to Bryce’s views and predications on the 2012-13 NBA season. Continue reading

UNPACKIN’ it DAILY: Wednesday-The Fantasy Football Show

Each Wednesday, Sports Spectrum contributor and “Unpackin’ It” podcast host Bryce Johnson tells you about everything going on in the Fantasy Football world. Find out how his two teams did this weekend and hear him tell you what got him very “boiled.” Plus he sings the old “Doug” theme song for one of his fantasy players! He gives advice on some players and previews a few fantasy story lines to watch. Click here to listen to Bryce Johnson’s daily faith and sports podcast. Continue reading

UNPACKIN’ it DAILY: Tuesday-Tom Brady, Dating, Cheating

Today on the show, Sports Spectrum contributor and “Unpackin’ It” podcast host Bryce Johnson talks about last night’s Bears and Lions game, some college football stories he’s interested in, and what we can learn from Tom Brady’s comments. Bryce tells us about a cool father and son matchup that took place last weekend, weighs in on a certain dating relationship, and gives his opinion on the Lance Armstrong situation that made him think about some interesting things. Click here to listen to Bryce Johnson’s daily faith and sports podcast. Continue reading

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