1 Samuel — Approach to Trials

1 Samuel — Approach to Trials

    It’s weird to me people still don’t have faith in New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. His job always seems at stake, and he’s won two Super Bowls in seven years. Even this year, pundits were talking about how horrible the Giants would be this season, but they have won their last three games after dropping their first two.

    Year after year, it seems like Coughlin enters the season with doubters demanding proof he is as good as the rings on his fingers say he is. This is what usually happens: the Giants struggle throughout the regular season and the talk continues; they finish the season on a big winning streak to make the playoffs and the talk dies down a little; and then they win the Super Bowl and people feel stupid for talking to begin with. It’s a slap in the face to everyone who doubted.

    My hope in God, similarly, seems to be pretty circumstantial. 1 Samuel 10:18-19, in a lot of ways, seems like a slap in the face, as God brings up the doubts of His people in the context of His grace and goodness. I don’t want to be defined by my trials anymore; I want to welcome them because of what God has already done, because of what I already know to be true.  I hope and pray this will become my approach to trials:

    Trials, I open my arms to you,
    Oh sweet embrace,
    Lord, mold me but hold me; shape me in truth,
    I am Your clay