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If you wondered why Kansas City Royals fans were booing New York Yankees All-Star Robinson Cano last night and also on Monday night during the Home Run Derby, it was because he seemingly lied.

Most commentators, writers, etc., failed to mention that fact when they derided the Kansas City fans for booing. The booing was merciless and constant… Continue reading

SPORTS YAPP Episode #32 – NBA All-Stars, College Hoops, NFL Combine, NASCAR / Danica


Today on the show:

-Bryce and Aaron have some fun discussing all the big topics from the weekend.

-Did Bryce enjoy the All-Star game?

-What was Lebron doing at the end?

-Aaron isn’t on the bandwagon for his college basketball championship pick anymore.

-Bryce and Aaron discuss other college basketball topics including Duke overacheiving and Carolina underachieving.

-Plus, the guys yapp about Danica Patrick, the Daytona 500 and NASCAR!

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