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That summer, John Morris would sit in church every Sunday and feel his eyes well up. His wife would look at him, concerned. “It’s okay,” he’d say. Then she would hold his hand. But he wasn’t okay. How could he be? How can you be okay when a player kills—kills—another player? When the town you’ve lived in for 25 years—Waco, Texas—is a media circus, the center of one of the most catastrophic scandals in college basketball history? When the school you love—your employer for the last eight years—is like an exploding building, collapsing in slow motion for the entire nation to see...

Two more games decided the final two entrants into the Final Four. What did Rick Pitino say would happen to the state of Kentucky if Louisville pulls off the upset? And why North Carolina can't simply blame Kendall Marshall's injury for their loss against Kansas. Oh, and by the way, Jayne S. is now leading the Sports Spectrum bracket challenge. And guess who has crept up to number 3...that's right, your's truly. I was three for four in my Final Four picks, not bad. Let's get to Sunday's games...

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