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An Olympian and five-time world champion works in her garden as her husband looks on and talks to a reporter. But this isn’t an interview for a home and garden show in America’s Heartland, the Northeast or the Deep South...

Oleg, share your impressions about the last fight against Jason Gaverni. Even though I won this fight, but in fact was not an easy fight....

From fierce rivals, to great friends, George Foreman’s relationship with legendary boxer Muhammad Ali had a renewal when Foreman was transformed forever. You ask George Foreman about Muhammad Ali. What is their relationship like these days? Do they ever communicate? Foreman rifles through his cell phone and quickly retrieves a photo of Ali trying to call him. It was taken less than 24 hours earlier, on Father’s Day, by one of Ali’s daughters, Hana Ali. Muhammad was not able to connect with Foreman, so Hana and “Big George” traded text messages while “The Greatest” rested – something that’s imperative in order to counteract the draining, debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease...

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