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  Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Listen to former Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George on our podcast, SPORTS YAPP, as he talks about his faith and his marriage. George also gives advice to any single person out there. A great listen for Valentine's Day! Play in new window | Download | Subscribe in iTunes | Listen on Stitcher

Tom Krattenmaker and Matt Dunn give their take on the Jim Tressel and Ohio St. scandal. Would you feel the pressure to cheat or bend the rules as a head coach in college football? Tom Krattenmaker believes he would if he was subject to the same intense pressures, byzantine rules and tantalizing rewards... Matt Dunn argues that when Christians elevate a football coach to be more of a preacher of the gospel, not only is it unfair to the coach (in this case Jim Tressel) but it is a disservice to the body of Christ...

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