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In the 1970’s the Pittsburgh Steelers won four Super Bowls. Part of the reason was that their offensive front four could all bench press 500 pounds. Their superior strength protected Terry Bradshaw well and opened huge holes for Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier. The weight room is a vital part of athletic programs today in professional, college and even high school sports. Strength training pays off in football, basketball, and other sports as well...

Early in sports seasons, it’s not uncommon for teams to struggle to find their true identity. The basketball team can’t figure out whether to play up-tempo or more half-court. A football team with outstanding running backs gets infatuated with its quarterback and relies too much on the passing game, before finally realizing it needs more of a balanced attack...

Eric Liddell is one of my favorite athletes, not because he was a runner (track and field is one of my favorite sports) and not because he was a winner (he won the 400 meters at the 1924 Olympics) and not because he was a world record holder (his winning time in the Olympics broke the previous world record). It was because he was able to compete in the sport and accomplish all of his feats while honoring God. His story is inspiring, and should be for any Christian, for all of those reasons...

I remember the summer I fell in love with golf. I was in seventh grade and my two best friends and I all had junior memberships at a small, nine-hole golf course called Hendricks County Golf Course in Danville, Ind. We played golf every day. Some days, my dad would drop us off at the course at 6 a.m. and pick us up after work at 6 p.m. One day, the three of us walked 54 holes. When I put my clubs in my dad’s trunk at the end of the day, I rode home talking nonstop, looking forward to the next day...

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