Airing It Out — Sharing our hope

(Originally published in Sports Spectrum’s April 2013 DigiMag)

We heard the same sermon twice on the Wednesday night we went to West Monroe, La.—and both were unexpected.

We had just finished our interview with Miss Kay, Al, Willie and Phil Robertson, cast from the popular TV show, Duck Dynasty. It was interesting listening to Phil talk about sex and relationships, Willie talk about his early days when he and his wife, Korie… Continue reading

Who’s Al?

As Willie Robertson sits at his desk, signing what appears to be posters or lithographs, his oldest brother, Al Robertson, stands behind the desk, casually placing a new poster or lithograph in front of Willie each time Willie finishes signing.

It’s a perfect picture of who Al is, a behind-the-scenes (or behind-the-camera) guy who helps to keep things moving… Continue reading

Another Angle — Resurrect your reverence

I know a basketball agent who went to the NBA All-Star game last year in Orlando. He was networking with some guys, hanging around after the game, and took a look around at his surroundings.

He noticed a number of women hanging around after the game—a lot of women—and not just any women, women who wanted something. High heels. Short skirts. Tight shirts. Makeup-coated faces, like apples dipped in caramel… Continue reading

What You Don’t Know About Duck Dynasty

Willie and Korie ran a church camp before Willie became the CEO of the family business, Duck Commander. Si’s blue plastic cup that he drinks tea out of was given to him by his mom while he was stationed in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  The tea mentioned on the show and made famous by Si, is unsweet—not the usual sweet tea of the South. A&E asked the Robertsons to wear different bandanas on the show so that producers could tell the brothers apart. Willie chose one that looks like the American flag and rarely wears it in public. Willie originally began wearing a bandana to keep his hair out of his eyes. Although Si’s wife is never mentioned and has never appeared on the show, Si has been married (to Christine) for 43 years. Phil and his son, Al, are elders at White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ. Miss Read More

Madly In Love

The note on the headboard of the bed is simple, “Kay, I love you; I always have; I always will; Phil.” But there was more to it than the words on the paper; it had more to do with who Phil and Kay are as people and as a couple than just some sentimental, sappy note written in the emotional bliss of marital happiness. With Phil and Miss Kay, one wouldn’t expect anything less. “I was asleep on my bed, looked up and saw Miss Kay looking at me,” Phil says. “She said, ‘Phil do you love me?’ I said, ‘Yep.’ She said, ‘Write it down.’ She’s standing over my bed. I said, ‘Okay, I’ll write it down.’ Next morning, got up to get my coffee, there was a piece of paper with a pen, and I said, ‘That woman is gonna hold me to this.’ I wrote down, Kay, Read More

Welcome All

Fans of Duck Dynasty may not know that Willie and Korie Robertson are the proud parents of five children (John Luke, Sadie, Will, Bella and Rebecca), that one (Will) is adopted and another is a foster child from Taiwan (Rebecca). The couple, who have known each other since the third grade when Willie asked Korie to go on a moonlit hike at summer camp, had the desire to adopt even before they were married (a year after high school). “It’s something we wanted to do ever since we were dating,” Willie tells Sports Spectrum. “We both wanted to adopt a child. Take a kid put him in a good home, a Christian home. We just thought why not?” “We didn’t plan on having a lot of money, nothing to do with that, we just thought it would be great. We tried to pursue it and hit a few road blocks, Read More

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Another Angle — God wins the Walrus

I was trying to sing “Jesus the Nazarene” but instead stood amazed in the presence of my own stupidity.

We were at White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, La., attending church with the Robertson family, the clan of redneck millionaires featured on the hit-program Duck Dynasty on A&E—and that’s when it hit me… Continue reading

Uncommon Challenge