Another Angle — Fifteen hundred enjoyable feet

It doesn’t matter that I know he survived. It doesn’t matter that I know he made it.

As I sit here in my office and re-watch world-renowned aerialist Nik Wallenda’s 22-minute high-wire walk over the Grand Canyon from June, I’m sure it looks more like I’m back in my high school Health & Wellness class watching a video about child birth—nervously peeking through my fingers, feeling somewhat queasy, wanting it all to be over so I can breathe again, and, like Wallenda, saying to myself… Continue reading

Extreme Sports Closeup — Nik Wallenda

Nik Wallenda, who walked across Niagara Falls in 2012, recently became the first person to walk across the Little Colorado River Gorge on the Navajo Nation near the Grand Canyon on a tight rope. Wallenda, who began tight-rope walking when he was 2 years old and trains five to six hours each day, traversed a 2-inch cable that was 1,400 feet across and 1,500 feet above the twisting Little Colorado River on June 23. The historic walk, which took 22 minutes, 54 seconds, and was done without a tether or safety net, was shown live on Discovery Channel and viewed in 217 countries. “I believe God has given me a gift and a talent that can be used to bring glory to His name,” Wallenda told the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association last year. “I don’t go up there unprepared or untrained and say it’s up to God whether I make Read More

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