Airing It Out — Sports, culture, politics – not always bad

I recently wondered if sports as a safe haven, the sanctuary we so often escape to avoid the media’s political boxing match every day, exists any longer because it seems to have become entangled with 21st Century politics.

Current and former athletes speaking out for and against guns, gays, certain politicians and Christians sharing their faith openly, are only some of the hot-button issues invading our sports culture today.

On the surface, this could cause some to worry that our escape has been turned into a battlefield by the politically motivated or by those who could care less about the pureness of sports… Continue reading

Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson and helped break the color barrier

Last April 12 was Opening Day for 42: The True Story of an American Legend, honoring Dodgers’ Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson (1919-1972). Chadwick Boseman played the man who broke MLB’s color barrier, with Harrison Ford as Brooklyn executive Branch Rickey (1881-1965). As David Q. Voight wrote in the Biographical Dictionary of American Sports (2000): “Rickey’s innovations as baseball executive, dominant role in the racial integration of organized baseball, and stimulus to the game’s expansion place him among this century’s most influential baseball leaders.” This year marks his centennial in the baseball front office. Becoming manager/executive director of the AL St. Louis Browns in 1913, his remarkable vision—and Christian convictions—created a Hall of Fame (1967) icon. Rickey was a bright, diligent student who worked through Ohio Wesleyan College and the University of Michigan Law School by teaching and coaching sports. He played pro baseball from 1903-07, a catcher batting .239 Read More

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