Another Angle — Cody Zeller, a man of mischief

Who is Cody Zeller?

What’s behind the even-keeled Indiana University freshman who acts the same whether he’s the victim of a bad call or catalyst behind a highlight jam—who would probably show the same seemingly emotionless stare whether he was swimming in a pool of crocodiles or a pool of beautiful women?

The answer is simple: A mischievous grin… Continue reading

March Madness Blog – Elite 8 Sunday games

Two more games decided the final two entrants into the Final Four. What did Rick Pitino say would happen to the state of Kentucky if Louisville pulls off the upset? And why North Carolina can’t simply blame Kendall Marshall’s injury for their loss against Kansas.

Oh, and by the way, Jayne S. is now leading the Sports Spectrum bracket challenge. And guess who has crept up to number 3…that’s right, your’s truly. I was three for four in my Final Four picks, not bad. Let’s get to Sunday’s games… Continue reading

March Madness Blog – Sweet 16 Thursday night games

Considering the madness that has happened in the NFL with Peyton Manning, Sean Payton, and Tim Tebow, it seems like the NCAA tournament has been a little overlooked. But hype or no hype, it’s here, and it should be good. We still have the heavyweights (Syracuse, UNC, Kentucky) and we still have some underdogs (NC State, Ohio, Xavier) which always gives us good storylines and teams to root for. Let’s get to the action… Continue reading

Around the Net – Tim Tebow to New York, Christians in the NCAA Tournament

Tebowmania in New York

Last night, the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets finalized a trade to send Tim Tebow, and subsequent Tebowmania, to New York….

Now with the Jets, Jeff Darlington of writes that Tebow has the biggest platform in America, New York City…

Ohio State’s Aaron Craft

The Ohio State Bukeyes play the Cincinnati Bearcats tonight in the Sweet 16, but for the Buckeyes Aaron Craft, basketball is only a part of who he is.

“I choose to be a Christian, a student and then an athlete,” Craft said. (

Craft is involved in Athletes in Action at Ohio State, attending bible studies and weekly meetings…

Louisville’s Peyton Siva

“Stop being selfish,” Siva said to his dad.
“He saved my life,” Peyton Siva Sr. said.
(Seattle Times)

Louisville and Michigan State play tonight in the Sweet 16 but Cardinals point guard Peyton Siva’s biggest assist in life was to his dad; who was contemplating ending his life before Peyton Jr. boldly said those words…

Christian Athletes in the Headlines:

Namath on Jets trading for Tebow: ‘I think it’s just a publicity stunt’ (

Tim Tebow and the Jets: What could possibly go wrong? (Washington Post)

Tim Tebow: King of New York? (

Drew Brees is befuddled, wants an explanation for Payton’s suspension (Yahoo Sports) Continue reading

March Madness Blog – Observations from Sunday’s day games

Eight more games to watch today, which by the end of the night, will bring the total to 52 NCAA tournament games watched for the entire week. There were four games in the First Four, 32 in the 2nd round, and 16 in the the third round. I think I’m on basketball overdose!

In the first four games Sunday, we finally got our first upset of the 3rd round, as NC State(11) took down Georgetown(3). Everything else remained with the chalk… Continue reading

March Madness Blog – Observations from Saturday’s day games

I hope everyone enjoyed the running diaries of the first two days. There were 32 games on TV the past two days. A ridiculous amount of basketball to watch. To keep from overdoing that format, I’ll be switching up to a more critical analysis of each game.

In an update to the Sports Spectrum bracket challenge, through the round of 64 and these four games, Richard R. is in first place and the Sports Spectrum staff of Bryce Johnson, Steve Copeland, Brett Honeycutt, and I are all in the middle of the pack. Shows what we know… Continue reading

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