Old School – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title (Week 12)

“I’ve made a mess of me.” The chorus line of Switchfoot’s popular hit “Mess of Me” comes to mind when thinking about the BCS title races. What a mess we have! We have a clear number one with LSU, but after that, a bunch of one-loss teams who feel like they deserve a chance to play for the BCS title. Oh, and one other undefeated team no one wants to give credit to in 12-0 Houston.

So in order to solve the BCS mess I want to infuse a little bit of reason and logic into this discussion. At least my personal logic and reasoning. I’m well aware that what I will conclude will not be the popular train of thought (which is a LSU-Alabama rematch). I am forgoing my weekly rankings in order to sort this out.

Common sense and logic should tell us that the game we should get is… undefeated LSU vs. undefeated Houston. Not one or two loss anyone else. Let me explain… Continue reading

Old School – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title Week 4

Last week we talked about the BCS process and I said we would talk about the corruption of the entire process. Well, you’re gonna have to wait one more week.

Last night I had a chance to attend my first rodeo. PBR had a faith night here in Charlotte, and fellow Sports Spectrum staff writer Stephen Copeland and I had a chance to attend the bull riding competitions, get some pictures, and take a little video.They had a worship band play for faith night and a really cool gospel presentation that involved the training of a wild horse. It was a lot of fun an we should have a write up sometime next week, but until then, here’s a picture of a guy getting thrown off of a bull…

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Bradford, McCoy and Tebow: Heis-men

This is the first of what we hope to make a part of the regular rotation here on SportsSpectrum.com. Every Thursday we are going to dig through the Sports Spectrum archives to find one of our great features from yesteryear. We’re calling it “Throwback Thursdays.” Enjoy.

Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford are – gulp – good friends.

Wait! Take a deep breath. Don’t do anything rash. This might help ease the pain a bit: Both quarterbacks are also friendly with fellow signal-caller Tim Tebow, whose Florida Gators chomped the Sooners in last season’s Bowl Championship Series title game.

“Sam, Tim and I have a lot in common,” McCoy says. “It was fun getting to know those guys at all of the award events last year, and we’ve stayed in touch. I don’t know if our fans would like it, but Sam and I have gotten really close. We talk pretty regularly.”

A Longhorn (McCoy) befriending a Sooner (Bradford)? Will wonders never cease?… Continue reading

Faceoff – Learning from the Jim Tressel/Ohio St. Scandal

Tom Krattenmaker and Matt Dunn give their take on the Jim Tressel and Ohio St. scandal.

Would you feel the pressure to cheat or bend the rules as a head coach in college football? Tom Krattenmaker believes he would if he was subject to the same intense pressures, byzantine rules and tantalizing rewards…

Matt Dunn argues that when Christians elevate a football coach to be more of a preacher of the gospel, not only is it unfair to the coach (in this case Jim Tressel) but it is a disservice to the body of Christ… Continue reading

Do-or-Die – Colossians 2:4-5

During this year’s men’s NCAA basketball tournament, I heard an interesting argument re- garding Butler’s postseason success. Bob Kravitz, Indianapolis Star columnist, said one of the keys to their success is their conference, the Horizon League, a conference that most likely won’t get any at-large bids and therefore must be won to advance to the Big Dance. Every game was a “must win” game and significantly affected Butler’s hopes of making the tournament. That’s why, when Butler did make the tournament, the players’ attitudes didn’t change. They’d been playing “do-or-die” all year… Continue reading

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