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Fourth-year star cornerback Prince Amukamara is a prince for several reasons. First, “Prince” really is his name—it’s not an overconfident moniker he adopted. Second, Amukamara really is a prince...

Rashad Jennings sits inside his New Jersey home across the Hudson River. Two days before, he rushed for a career-high 176 yards in the New York Giants’ 30-17 victory against the Houston Texans in Week 3. He dedicated the game to his father, Albert Jennings, a double amputee who lost his legs to diabetes. Jennings looks down at his blank piece of paper, silent and reflective. Here he is, the starting running back for the New York Giants, in the biggest city in the country...

Power to Win 2013 is now available to pre-order! This year's video features the stories of 3 Super Bowl Champions from the New York Giants: Chase Blackburn, Chris Canty, and Justin Tuck. Each kit will include: 1 Power To Win DVD, Digital access to Sports Spectrum magazine for up to 250 people (valued at $99.95), 10 - $10 coupons for purchase in Sports Spectrum's store (valued at $100). The Super Bowl is February 3, 2013, plan your ministry event today! To order, click here.

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