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nl comeback player of the year

Lance Berkman has carved out a rather formidable reputation as an unstressed, underdressed Texan, an ultra-loose character, a chortling clubhouse comedian who isn’t afraid to take his act on the field. There are at least three recorded incidents in which the Houston Astros’ five-time All-Star has impersonated a mascot—including the time when, rehabbing an injury in Triple-A while on the disabled list, he went into the opposing team’s clubhouse, jumped into the River Rat outfit and was seen dancing in his own team’s dugout. He also has frolicked with a mascot (the Phillie Phanatic)—trumping it up into a Wrestlemania spectacle by pretending to be floored by a forearm shiver—and taken batting practice while wearing a sumo-wrestler costume. Then there was the time at Wrigley Field when the Bleacher Bums in left field were riding him about his physique, calling him “Fat Elvis” and some other unprintable names. One of them was shaking a pack of Twinkies, so Berkman motioned for the fan to toss it to him. Berkman retrieved the Twinkies, ate one and stuffed the other one in his back pocket, sending the Bums into hysterics...

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