Old School – What Makes A Good Rival?

What makes a good rival? The general consensus is that Duke-North Carolina is the best rivalry in college basketball, but there are plenty of others that don’t get quite the hype. Syracuse vs. Georgetown, Kansas vs. Kansas State, and how about St. Mary’s vs. Gonzaga? That’s always a good game. We’ve already seen one rivalry this year that ended in a bloodbath with Xavier and Cincinnati. This week is “Rivalry Week” on ESPN, so I figured it would be rivalry week here on Old School… Continue reading

Old School – Bracketbusters and the Original George Mason

This week is all about the underdog, the unknown, the bracketbuster, the next George Mason, the teams you should start paying attention to now in order to fill your bracket out correctly in March. Last week we defined a bracketbuster as a team you’ve never heard of who ruins your bracket predictions by upsetting the big name schools. This week we will take a look at which teams from the smaller conferences are poised to win an NCAA tournament game or two. We will also visit the classroom to find out what school pulled a George Mason before George Mason did… Continue reading

Old School – What College Basketball Can Learn from Tim Tebow

Another week of great college basketball action is in the books, and we are creeping ever closer to March Madness. This week I debut a couple of new segments (College Basketball 101 and the March Madness Word of the Week). I also take a look at what college basketball can learn from Tim Tebow, Sports Spectrum’s 2011 Athlete of the Year… Continue reading

Old School – College Basketball Observations, Missed Predictions, and Fighting in Sports

Now that bowl season is winding down, college sports fans will soon have their attention fully on college basketball. The season is beyond most of the non-conference schedule and tournaments and teams will get into the grind of conference play.

I have had the opportunity to see a few good teams play in person. I have season tickets to the local college team in Charlotte, the Charlotte 49ers, and I’ve seen Davidson and Miami in person. I also had a chance to see the Ohio State Buckeyes play at South Carolina… Continue reading

Old School – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title (Week 12)

“I’ve made a mess of me.” The chorus line of Switchfoot’s popular hit “Mess of Me” comes to mind when thinking about the BCS title races. What a mess we have! We have a clear number one with LSU, but after that, a bunch of one-loss teams who feel like they deserve a chance to play for the BCS title. Oh, and one other undefeated team no one wants to give credit to in 12-0 Houston.

So in order to solve the BCS mess I want to infuse a little bit of reason and logic into this discussion. At least my personal logic and reasoning. I’m well aware that what I will conclude will not be the popular train of thought (which is a LSU-Alabama rematch). I am forgoing my weekly rankings in order to sort this out.

Common sense and logic should tell us that the game we should get is… undefeated LSU vs. undefeated Houston. Not one or two loss anyone else. Let me explain… Continue reading

Old School – NCAA Basketball Look Ahead

Basketball season is here, and the way labor negotiations are going in the NBA it looks like the only basketball we may get this year will be college ball. I don’t know about you, but that suits me just fine. Ever since my childhood NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets, left town I have had a hard time really caring about the NBA (I haven’t been able to love the Bobcats the same way, and of course, this lockout doesn’t help). I believe the college game is played with more passion and enthusiasm and has more unpredictability than the NBA ever does.

I’m excited that the season is underway (even more so this week since it’s “Feast Week” on ESPN) but before I get to this season, I want to reflect on what happened last year, just in case you’ve forgotten… Continue reading

Old School – Top 10 Contenders to the BCS Title Week 6

Now, a couple of weeks ago I concluded that corruption is the reason we don’t have a college football playoff.

In the current system, we determine a national championship game by a mix of human polls and computers, all of which have conference alignment and personal bias in the mix. (After all, the computer formula is formed by a human). And a lot of these guys who vote in the polls admit they don’t see all of the games, which is why the AP Poll pulled themselves out of the process in 2005.

It’s pretty insane that we determine who’s in the national championship game by opinion, when there is plenty of opportunity to let it be settled on the field… Continue reading

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