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Road cyclist Ashleigh Moolman Pasio (far left), South Africa, participated in her first Olympics this year in London. She finished 16th and was the top South African in the 2012 Olympics. Though injuries have slowed her down (she once broke her collarbone three times in 12 months), it hasn't stopped her from excelling in cycling. Read this exclusive interview that Sports Spectrum partner 2K Plus International Sports Media had with Moolman Pasio. Read Moolman Pasio's Olympic blog here...

LONDON (BP) -- Gabby Douglas will soon have more money than she ever dreamed. With a vibrant smile and two gold medals to her credit at the Olympics, the 16-year-old gymnast undoubtedly will cash in with endorsement and marketing deals worth millions of dollars. At the top of her wish list? An Acura NSX. "I want the one like Iron Man's off 'The Avengers,'" Douglas said. "That was a nice car..."

The United States defeated Tunisia 3-0 on Monday to clinch the top spot in Group B in men's volleyball. LONDON (BP) -- In one way, Reid Priddy hopes that the London Olympics won't be a repeat of what happened in Beijing. Four years ago, tragedy struck the men's volleyball squad when Todd Bachman, the father-in-law of team coach Hugh McCutcheon, was stabbed and killed at the Drum Tower in Beijing shortly after the Opening Ceremony...

Betty Cuthbert—the Olympic champion Australians have fondly tagged “Golden Girl”— has always loved to run fast! She was born (along with twin sister) in 1938 at Merrylands, Sydney, no more than 10 kilometers from the site of the 2000 Olympic Games. As a child, she would win all her school races, even beating the boys—and her teacher encouraged her to join an athletics club. From 13 on, she was winning New South Wales state championships, yet without the fuss and hype that would accompany such success today. In fact, a hallmark of Cuthbert’s career has been her loathing of publicity...

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